Tuesday, 19 June 2012

pic-bits #6

Yay MIE is partially over!! Left 1 more report to go, and another module!!! Finished the last paper this morning, gonna update some photos now before I go to bed!

Next, I've got to focus on work and camp preparations! Many blog posts due soon plus camp dates are nearing, really busy! I'm kind of amused at how different things always choose to happen on the same day, make my life difficult only! :(

See the rilakkuma items my sister and her friend preordered for me! :D Super loves! The bunny hoodie pencil case and contact lens casings all so cute!!!!!! *should have bought more!*

Guess what came in the mail? Jelly nots, I got bellabox!!! Will blog about it soon! So much goodies inside!

KFC feast me and boyf had after the last presentation last week!!

Followed by durian feast! This was totally unplanned for, we walked past the fruit store and randomly decided to buy durians lol! Anyway its June now, durian season, can buy more durians, yummy!

Some random sticky cookie that roomie's friend gave me, a bit too sticky though :/ But looks super yums, the picture!

Our moderately healthy exam package! Wanted to get chips but someone coughing :(

Oh, I wanna rant about this again! It was Sunday in school, so I thought I should buy Macs takeaway before it closes at 8pm.. Sure hungry while studying one ma.. When I wanted to take my fries to eat first, I discovered this.............

Mchicken pattie only!?!?!?! I ordered mchicken plain, the person got it totally wrong!!! :( Its just a huge nugget wrapped with mchicken paper.. I was so upset! And at that time macdonalds closed already.. Cannot go back ask for my bread :( Boyf kept laughing at my "nugget"!!!

Lastly, I kind of cannot believe this is my new hair color haha! Like "omg did I really dye my hair??" And everywhere I walk, I die die have to look at my reflection.. Now I think everyone can recognise me from my backview!! ^^

Hehe I shall go to bed now! More posts coming up, advertorials/reviews and personal food posts, so stay tuned! :D

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