Thursday, 21 June 2012

pic-bits #7

Hahaha I really have loads of photos of food! Make everyone hungry muahaha!

Following are some food that me and boyf had at a HK cafe, Kungfu Paradise, after my dip dye session at bugis+/illuma!

Thick and sweet milk tea! :D

Har Kau, prawn dim sum ^^

Some salted egg custard bun!

Whooooo all the yellow yellow juice!

Chicken+prawn curry rice!


Next up is photos of food from Bentendo cafe with boyf at jurong point! And we watched madagascar after that!

Soup + bread!! :D

Our drinks.. Sour plum and calamsi..

Boyf's terriyaki chicken curry rice!

My soup version of carbonara! LOL

Madagascar 3! Nice leh haha! Still got leopard and rainbow afro and polkadots LOL!! I LIKE! Boyf was smiling non-stop after watching and kept singing "Afro circus afro circus polkadot polkadot!" Haha so cute!

One of the cheese chicken chop from extension's coffeeshop! But can't taste the cheese at all, bwah! :(

My super chio vintage floral nails that I bragged on twitter about!! I took the photo before cleaning up so ya haha not very neat, but very pretty, especially from afar hahaha!! Now anyone wanna visit my manicure shop?

Muaha sorry for random photo spam again, don't get too hungry! :D

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