Friday, 1 June 2012

Sexylook Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask review!

After weeks of project, and rushing overnight sometimes, my complexion is worsening!! D: I really need to do something to my dull complexion! And luckily for me, Secretive sent me some masks for review! Finally found some time to do my mask before I sleep yesterday!

Today's review will be on Sexylook Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask!

Personally, I'm also a fan of Sexylook! Used a few boxes of their masks before but I only tweeted about it, didn't do any proper review of them yet!

Some background infomation on Sexylook! Sexylook is the No.1 best selling 3D mask in Taiwan and featured in beauty shows such as 女人我最大!

Their 3D mask provides a 360 degrees lifting effect, firming up your skin to give a sharper face hehe! Can prevent double chin from surfacing hehe.. Also, your chin area will be able to enjoy the goodness of the mask sheet too! That area is often forgotten and neglected!! :(

The mask sheet fresh from the packet soaked with goodness! A generous amount and there are leftover serum in the packet for me to apply on my hands and legs!

Me doing the mask before going to bed after doing project overnight! As you can see, the eyes, nose and mouth area are fitting, not too big or too small! Furthermore, if you find the holes slightly too small, the mask is kind of flexible and you can pull the hole wider without tearing the mask!

The side view of the hooks that makes it a 3D mask! As you can see, the whole below-chin area is also taken care of! There are 2 pairs of ear hooks: from the cheeks and from under the chin. The hooks are really a great invention, apart from the firming effect, they hold the mask in place very well and for those super busy people, you can do the masking without having to lie down!

Also, after masking, the mask sheet didn't dry up much and I can reuse on other parts of my body! Really worth it! :D

This mask that I used specialises on whitening! Here are the ingredients and functions! I must say it really did help soothe, moisturise and brighten my dull complexion! :)

Secretive is having a promotion for this mask, one box containing 5 pieces of masks is selling at $7.90 only! (usual price is $8.80 for a box )

Of course, there are other Sexylook masks with different functions, you can check them out at !

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