Saturday, 21 July 2012

Barbie Eye Blue Color Contact Lenses from dbeautyshop

Lens review time again! Blue this time!

This time, its a pair of blue lenses sponsored by dbeautyshop! I picked a new brand that I've never tried before and is less common, Barbie Eye! The lens design for this pair of lenses is similar to Barbie Japan from Super Barbie lenses.

dbeautyshop actually sent me this pair of lenses with a super cute puffer fish lens casing plus an eye mask! Shall try the eye mask another day..

A closer look at the lens vials..

Peeled off the sticker labels.. Look at the lens design!

I opened them and soaked them in solution.. Note that you have got to soak your lenses in contact lens solution before wearing them!

Close up of the lens itself!

This pair of lenses have the usual black rim, but this time round its kind of furry-like unlike the usual solid black circles, but this doesn't affect how the lenses look from far anyway! There's many many swirls of black and blue, giving the mysterious kind of effect when worn. If I'm not wrong, this actually looks kind of similar to those lenses with rose design on it..
Lens details:

Diameter: 15.8mm

Water Content: 48%

Base Curve: 8.6

Life Span: 1 Year

Now for the photos when worn!

With super strong flash (L) and normal room lighting (R). Sorry my eyeball is not at the centre for the flash photo because I was actually taking a photo of both my eyes and both eyeballs went to the centre for the picture so I decided to show one side only.

Now for the ratings!

Comfort: 4/5 – no problem with the lenses, only a teeny bit drying after wearing for long hours.

Enlarging: 2/5 – its supposedly 15.8mm, but its nowhere near my 16mm lenses.. Instead, I find the enlarging effect about 14.5mm only, a bit smaller than my 15mm geo mimi bambi green. Feeling cheated by the label, but no matter what, its still bigger than my eyes without lenses!

Design: 3/5 – Not bad design with natural and mysterious swirls! However, the design somehow make the lenses look like there are different amount of color on different sides of the lenses.

Color: 3/5 – The blue is quite vivid close up, but not very visible from a further distance!

Overall, this pair of lenses will be more suitable for school, being of a smaller diameter and  it will look fine even without makeup on. 

Thanks dbeautyshop again!

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