Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Buffet at traders hotel - Cafebiz

Last week, had buffet lunch with mum at Traders Hotel's lobby at the restaurant called Cafebiz. There was a 1-for-1 discount for some credit card so we went there..

Food wasn't particularly good (for me) and I will not go back again. Their spread is quite a lot, but me being a choosy eater, no sushis and salads for me.. Plus their chinese dishes don't make me feel like trying at all..

Since I don't like this buffet much, I'll just post the photos of what I ate.. Some food not featured here because they don't look appetising or photo worthy to me :/

The noodle + indian + roast side.

Roti prata, some prata-look-a-like thingy, wedges, chicken fish and curry.

My laksa

Mum's ramen..

Roasted meat..

Their dessert section sure looks decent! Taste-wise, its quite normal, acceptable..

So cute!

Ice cream toppings..

Waffles and egg tarts..

Chocolate fondue!

Waffle + fondue...

The cakes that I took lol..

Yups that's all, I ate from these 2 sections only, plus some pumpkin soup that I forget to take photo of..

Anyway it might just be that I'm choosy, you can still go and try it if you want, since 1-for-1! :)

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  1. Hi, on 25 Nov 2013, my family of four went to Cafebiz for buffet lunch. One of the four, my sister, is very particular on her food as she only takes vegetables, fish and fruits. She asked one of the serving staff whether she can be given a fish dish. The serving staff went to the kitchen to ask and a cook, Mr Riduan, came to our table. He was very obliging and without a word of rejection, he asked my sister how she want the fish dish to be done. About 15 minutes later, Mr Riduan came with a plate of black pepper salmon. My sister is very appreciative and had an enjoyable lunch of fish, some vegetables and fruits. Such cook is hard to come by these days. I hope the management would extend our compliments to Mr Riduan for his kindness and meeting the request of customers. Three cheers to Trader"s Hotel for having such wonderful staff. Thank you.