Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Giving out flyers

I was working the past week! Work as what? I gave out flyers....... HAHA!

This is a super wordy post about a weird topic, brace yourselves.

Its my first time working a flyer job, I found one that pays quite well so yes, I got my lazy bum to start working! This job is not as bad as my original perception of it! Was giving out flyer for hours daily, and there was also a 2-3 hours break in between when waiting for the next peak hour to start. This really kind of got my whole day occupied, but I still met people for real late dinner on some days.

I shall talk about my experience when giving out flyers. Lol. I know its a weird topic to blog about but its my first time, so yeah... Bear with me.

Basically mine was not bad, I was giving out flyers indoors, so factor out the heat that flyer-givers usually suffer from. Imagine if I have to give out flyers in the sun, I think I will just die.

One thing I learnt, security guards hate flyer-givers! Got attacked by departmental store guards, shopping mall guards and MRT guards especially on the first two days, when there wasn't adequate approval from the shopping mall yet.You have to know whether you're standing on the right piece of land to give out flyers, if not the guards will be after you again..

To get people to take your flyers, you have got to smile at them, look directly at the person (one at a time), and then hold the flyer towards them. When they take it, I even said "thank you". This works 75% of the time! Those flyer-givers that I see outside (usually old people at MRT stations) only have a black face and stick their flyer in my way or force into my hands, no wonder they give out flyers for days and still give out the same ones because nobody wants to take....

And... Got momentum one! Once someone take from you, the people behind will usually take the flyer too, like some automated chain in a production factory haha! But this works the other way round too.. One shun from you, the people behind follow.. So when this happens, target people walking from the opposite direction instead.

There are three groups of people who are super curious about the flyers... The uncles, the aunties and kids! I was giving out flyers for a skincare brand so of course I targeted the female passer-bys. But, a lot of uncles very busybody, all come and ask for a flyer themselves haha! (Anyway this is supposedly good for me right, faster finish giving out the flyers) Same goes for some aunties, but they are our target customers so actually nothing wrong with this. And kids!! They're super cute, they see me/my colleagues giving out flyers, they will come and take, and then walk off happily with the flyer..

There are nice people and irritating people of course! There are people who take the flyer and thank me, even before I can thank them!!! Those who don't want to take will usually say sorry, only some will act like I'm invisible :( but at least they're not explicitly rude.. The worst ones are those who stopped, asked about the flyer, take it, look at it, and throw it back on the pile of flyers I'm holding.. Super rude please!! I don't mind stopping to explain, but throwing it back at me...... Rude and unhygienic! If I'm the next person in line and I saw that it is a flyer that another person returned, I confirm won't take it, so yucky! I was working so I can only neatly arrange that flyer back to my pile on hand...Blah. Luckily there were only a few of this kind of people..

There were quite some tourists asking for directions when I was working.. Okay quite a lot, and sometimes I can't help because I also don't know the place where they are heading to.. Us working there = city directory for tourists.

Sometimes, I will knock into people or get knocked by others too, standing in the middle of the crowd. I still remember one particular day in the evening, I almost fainted because the people were really walking too and fro in front of me non-stop and it was super noisy that I felt giddy in the sea of humans.. Luckily the crowd was that bad for only once..

Physically, I would say its more tiring for the arms and face than my for legs. Have to smile and keep holding the flyer out to people! Surprisingly standing wasn't too tiring, maybe its because I was wearing my crocs flats haha.. 

One thing about this job is the 2-3 hours of break time. Your colleague is very important! Luckily for me, the people I've worked with are quite nice, and 2 of them are from NTU! Some days we'll eat and I'll just fall asleep at the restaurant till the time is up, some days we'll just talk till we got to go back to work again, and there was a day when boyfriend stalked me during break time and we went to have Ben & Jerry's hehe!

I believe I've already spent half my salary on food already, don't think my salary has reached me yet lol. Few photos of food that I remembered to take photo of the past week...

Carbonara and doria at Waraku for one of my lunches

Some super nice crabmeat chawanmushi at Itacho Sushi at Ion with princesses..

Cold stone with daffy! Hate the chocolate chips inside!!!!

This was lunch at Bread of life or something at Marina square. My set lunch super sumptuous right?

Plus this brownie somemore...

This is probably one-third of the food I had? I swear I'm growing fatter than ever D: Plus I'm really spending a lot on food...

Anyway its really late now, good night!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, quite funny and I like it. I try to imagine if I were you how would I react. Was looking for what are the guideline for somebody to give flyer in public and I found this. Ya think you have given me some answers. Thanks