Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hatched and EWF!

Boyfriend brought me to eat eat eat the past weekend! *happy muahaha*

Lunch was at hatched! The location is really terrible! Take mrt, then bus, then need to walk really far in an ulu place from the busstop!! We got really lost.. The map on the site and the staff we called weren't of much help :/

Finally reached there! We were mad hungry already.. Luckily the waiting time for seats and for food to be served is very short!

These metal eggs are salt/pepper containers actually, so cute! Heheee..

While waiting hahaha... He's super cute!! ♥ Spammed taking photos of him hehe~

Anyway here are all the food we ordered!

W and his burly benedict! He totally cannot wait to plunge into the food already..

Mine was some crepe with chicken stew in it..

Our dessert!  French toast with peach and cheese and walnuts!

Hmm overall the food is not super nice or anything, portion is mad small and location is bad!!! :( But their "egg" concept is kind of interesting I guess.. Worth trying but I won't go there in the near future unless I have a car or something, its too troublesome to travel there!

Cabbed to town after that, the location is that bad that we had to cab out, luckily there were taxis around.. Wanted to get phone accessories but it seems like S3 is kind of too new and not much accessories to choose from!

Bought super cute dustcaps only! Cute or not??? I super love my mao mao dustcap haha! I donated the white one to my sister because she asked me for it.. I lost the whole pack of them 1 hour after buying them and luckily boyf insisted to walk back and look for them and he found them!!! :D :D :D I was quite sure that I cannot find them back initially...

Had mint chocolate milk tea from artease..

Dinner was at Everything with Fries and Orchard Central! First time having their burgers.. We ordered both the chicken, mine was the fried one called HJK and boyf's was the grilled one! The chicken is super fresh and servings was really big till even boyf had trouble finishing his meal! Also, we get to choose the flavor of our french fries (but they were kind of dry..)


Lastly, my twitter photo lol! This photo app is really mad, make my boyf so pretty hahaha (but he looks kind of angry too)!


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