Monday, 2 July 2012

Hello MFP! :)

Hey everybody, I've just moved to MFP as a resident blogger here!

I was blogging on onsugar at previously.. But don't worry, all my archives have been imported here already!

Moving a blog is kind of like moving house, got to take care of many stuffs, such as moving my contents and decorating the new place! Its my first time using wordpress to blog, need some time to get used to this. Right now, most of the content is in place already but I have to got re-tag all my posts in my free time so pardon me for the tagless archives. As for the decorations, nothing big, just a new banner that have me for the alphabet "Y" hehehe; but I finally resolved all the coding issues along with some help from the MFP team, phew.


If you don't know me, you can click on the link above to know more about me! Also, here are a few of my popular posts that you must read! (Okay, you don't really have to do so if you don't want to..)

 Dip dye hair by Vintage Studio! :D

Yesss I have black hair dip dyed in gold/blonde/brown whatever you call that colour, and you can probably recognise me easily on the streets now. Special thanks to Vintage Studio for giving me such awesome hair! Psssst, you can quote me to get discount off your hair services over there, read more from the entry ;)

Freshkon sparklers in gittering blueMs Hermes in pink from the Prodigurls series , Geo princess mimi in bambi apple green! + Duffy Beau giveaway!

Here are some more popular contact lens reviews from me! I love lenses and I have some other reviews too if you go to look through the archives, but these 3 posts received the most hits all time! And, please look out for more lens reviews to come, I have many many new pairs that I have not opened yet~

Introducing The Skin Shop! + make up tutorial
Another popular post is this sponsored post on The Skin Shop with a video of me putting on simple make up!


I guess the above will keep you busy for the rest of the night! I have a few more posts coming up real soon! :)

Also, remember to change your bookmark to this URL! TATA~

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