Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ice Age 4 with the boy

I've got to wake up early tomorrow, busy day ahead so only a short post tonight!

On a side note, my grandma is finally getting discharged from the hospital and tomorrow my mum and I are going to fetch her and stuffs. 

Watched Ice Age 4 with boyfriend last week!

Had dinner at some japanese restaurant beside Ajisen in Plaza Sing, I forgot to take note of the name! (If I ever remember to go and check up on the restaurant name I'll update this space ya.)

The food is quite cheap for a restaurant!

His omu rice..

My prawn tempura rice...

And movieeeee!!!!! Ice Age 4 Continental Drift!

Cute and funny movie! Super entertaining.. It was a short movie, an hour plus or so but good enough for us! Go watch it!!

I decided that my favourite character this time round would be Louis, the hedgehog hehe! He's the small and super cute friend of that Peaches elephant..

I always love those baby animals or side characters more than the main ones.. I don't know why.. But anyway, I found a site where they listed down all of Ice Age's characters haha, go take a look if you're interested!

Shall go to sleep now, nights!

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