Friday, 13 July 2012

July's bellabox = major love!!!

Hehe it's another month and I received my new bellabox of the month! Had a lovely surprise when I opened it! Felt as if this month's box is made for meeeeee~

If you wanna know what was in June's bellabox, click here!

Firstly, I was greeted with a super nice fragrance once I opened the box, presumably from the Jimmy Choo eau de toilette!

Next, I saw many many many items inside! The number of items in the bellabox is seriously increasing by the month hehe :)

And the best thing is.... there are many SK-II items inside!! WHEE~ Me like!

Yup so here are the contents without the packaging! 4 SK-II products, Jimmy Choo eau de toilette, Legere white BB cream, Skinmiso pore beauty nose pack step 1 and 2, some twistband for the hair and bellabox's lipstick pen! If you receive these at your doorstep you happy or not? :) I am super happy!

Also not to forget, their "menu" of items in the box and extra brochures and vouchers!

Anyway, here are my favourites from this box! Kind of difficult to pick so I grouped the SK-II items together!

Facial treatment essence( the miracle water), facial treatment gentle cleanser,  cellumination deep surge, cellumintation mask-in lotion.... The first 3 items are my top picks from SK-II myself and yes, I use them (on days that I'm not lazy) and they're really good! As for the lotion, I have yet to try it, but thanks to bellabox, I can try it now!

For this Jimmy Choo fragrance, its love at the first sniff, when I opened the box! ♥

Lastly, this legere BB cream the one I've always been considering to get when window shopping at John Little! Now I don't have to consider anymore, try this first! :)

Super duper uber happy with this bellabox! :D

If I'm not wrong its still not too late to order the July's bellabox, faster grab now!!

Wonder what will be in next month's...

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