Monday, 16 July 2012

Lovemore Mediterranean Pomegranate Lifting & Whitening Mask

It's been a month since I last masked? Was really busy (but I don't know what I'm busy with too)

I remember working and I saw one customer with real good complexion stating in the form that her daily skincare regimen includes masking! So I decided I have got to mask more often ~~

Secretive sent me some masks again and I've just tried the Lovemore Mediterranean Pomegranate Lifting & Whitening Mask!

This is one of the three new direct import series with improved formulas and upgrades! It promises improved fit, hydration and penetration as well as more intense moisture due to microemulsions..

The special ingredient of my mask - pomegranate - is directly imported from its origin, Mediterranean, and is good for the lifting effect!

Before masking, bare faced... (See my big bear behind me!)

What's so special about this mask apart from those ingredients and technology that most people do not understand? Its really thin, at 0.2mm only! It felt really fragile when I was handling it but no worries, it came with a plastic sheet and you won't tear it while unfolding the mask.. Despite this mask being real thin, it can hold as much essence as any other mask!

Putting it on... Because its really thin, it looks translucent on my face unlike all the previous lovemore masks which are thicker..

Left it on for about 20 minutes... The leftover essence after I removed the mask was absorbed quite quickly into my skin, and yes, my face does feel more hydrated, smoother and firmer!

You can purchase this mask from or any Watsons outlets!

Recommended usage is 2-3 times a week, so yeah, mask more for better skin! Me shall be hardworking and mask more often....

Happy masking! ;)

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