Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Making cute cupcakes~

Guess what, I made (mini) cupcakes with boyf in the weekend!!! :D

Hahaha not the traditional kind of baking though, I used Kracie's Happy Kitchen Cupcakes set that Candyplay sent me some time ago! Was kind of tied up with MIE so only tried this out in the weekends.. The cupcake thingy is discontinued already if I'm not wrong, you can check the stocks with Candyplay. There are many other Happy Kitchen or Popin Cookin sets to choose from anyway.....

These are all the contents I get after opening the packaging! Super a lot right? Things that you need and not included in the package would be water and microwave oven only! :)


1) Cut the plastic tray into 4 parts!

2) Making the dough mixture!

What you need for the dough..

Pour the powder from the packet into the container, add one triangle of water and mix well!

Pour the dough mixture into the moulds! There is a marking on the moulds so you only have to fill the mixture up to that level!

Microwave for 30seconds and tada!

Before and after! I was so shocked that the cupcake is popping out of the mould in a matter of seconds!

I used the spoon in the package to slowly get the cakes out.. This is the only difficult part! And the flower cake is screwed below actually, whoops :(

3) Making the chocolate dough!

Basically the steps are the same for making the chocolate cake haha!

4) Icing time! (white)

What you'll need...

Mix the powder and one triangle of water, and then transfer them into the icing plastic thingy!

5) Now for the pink icing!

Same steps as the white icing! :D Water, mix mix mix, transfer! Anyway, this is how I fold the icing plastic thingy to ease the transfer.

Both icings in their plastic.. I can't wait to squeeze the icing out hehe~

6) Decoration time! :D

What you need: the cakes (looks like steamed cake from breadtalk lol), icings in their plastics (remember to cut a small hole at the corner), candy, rainbow rice and creativity!

Here's our masterpieces! Cute right?

We had loads of fun decorating our cupcakes! I think boyf had more fun than me actually hahaha!

Overall, this takes about 2 hours (on estimation)! This box of fun is less than $10, really worth it!

Fun: 9/10

Easy to make: 9/10 - relatively easy! only the part where we need to take the cakes out from the mould is more challenging!

If you don't know, I made gummies before with Kracie's sets too, link here. I actually made a video the other time but it was too long and boring so this time round I just did a picture tutorial for the cupcakes! :)

If you're interested in trying out this kind of stuffs, visit Candyplay! Many fun and edible kits that you can choose from! :3


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