Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Naruko's Marjoram and Lavender Night Gelly

I love night creams/gels because they repair my skin while I'm sleeping! Today's post will be on Naruko's Marjoram and Lavender Night Gelly which Naruko sent me some time ago and I've been using it for a few weeks!

This is how the box and jar look like!

What's in the box? The jar of gel with an inner lid as well as a spatula!

This way, we can risk contaminating the jar of gel by using the spatula unlike other brand's cream/gel!

The gel smells of lavendar! Before I even open the jar, I can smell lavendar already! If I'm not wrong, lavendar fragrance helps us to sleep better.. I was thinking this is such an appropriate fragrance/ingredient for a night gel! :)

This is a gel is suitable for normal combination to oily skin! It gets absorbed into the skin super quickly and leaves no sticky residue.. See the 2 photos below, after applying the gel, you can't see any residue and if your screen resolution allows you to, you will notice that the small fine lines are gone too, instant hydration! :)

(FYI, this amount of gelly is more than adequate for my whole face already! I used this much for blogging/photo purposes only!)

Other functions of this gel includes: It contains antioxidants and vitamin E to improve skin's defense, repair the skin and help fight melamin. Also, its super moisturising all thanks to the legendary hyaluronic acid inside! Lastly, the lavendar essence oil helps to relax your mind and relieve your skin!

After using this in the past week or two, my skin is significantly brightened and less dull despite the lack of sleep.. Even when I wake up in the morning after sleeping in an air conditioned room, my skin is still soft and not dry.. Every morning, my skin sure looks healthier than the night before! For the lavendar part, I'm not too sure because I sleep like a log usually.. Being lazy, I used this night gelly alone without any other serums or moisturiser so the effects of the gelly is accurate for my case!

You can purchase this night gelly from watsons or Naruko's website.. The price is really pocket friendly, selling at $21.90 only! Furthermore, you will only need a small bit of gelly for your whole face (reference with my photos above), so this jar of gelly can last you for quite some time, super worth it ya? ;)

Lastly, something caught me by surprise when opening the box and removing the jar! Look! Why got floral prints one??????

Then I saw another small piece of paper inside with some instructions...

So I opened out the box and this is what I get! According to the instruction sheet, I'm supposed to cut the shape out and fold along the lines..

All done with cutting..

And folded.. I get a cute floral namecard holder! How cute is this????

This is like so cool, using these boxes to make into containers that's environmentally friendly! Super fun too, I like!

Anyway, back to the night gelly, there is this whole lavendar series from Naruko that you can use with this night gelly! (If you're hardworking unlike me who puts only one layer when I'm lazy) These whole series focuses on brightening the skin if you're prone to dull skin like me! They have the facial foam, exfoiliator, lotion, eye gel and more! You can view the whole lavendar collection here: http://www.naruko.sg/shop/lavender

Cheers to brighter skin! :)

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