Saturday, 14 July 2012

Painted skin 2 with boyfriend

Met boyfriend after his work one day last week!

We watched Painted Skin II, its a nice movie!! Go watch it! But its in chinese so maybe not so appealing to some people.. Plus in the intro, those credits and animations are a bit too much, otherwise, its alright!

I didn't watch the first part of this show but it didn't affect my understanding of this second one.. I kept expecting gore but I thought too much haha.. Its super cool they can change their skin and the demons are not that evil in this show!

Movie ended quite late so we can only eat random dinner... Pontian noodles haha! Opps sorry, I mixed the noodles before taking photos :s

I had fun playing with the 2 samsung s3s when boyfriend was getting our food hehe..

Was attempting to get the 2 maomaos on each phone to be in the same photo LOL... Photo in a photo~

Cute right the maomaos! We have couple phone and super cute dustcaps haha!

Last photo, even boyfriend got into the photo haha! Super cool please! Too artistic ^^

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