Sunday, 29 July 2012

pic-bits #10

It has been quite some time since I posted any pic-bits, so here are some photos from the past weeks! I think I left some photos out but they're everywhere and I'm getting confused myself..

One of my DIY manicure done quite long ago.. Forget to update..

Anderson's Ice cream + brownie with the boy!

This picture and the story behind it is super cute I think!! Boyfriend was complaining that these 2 cats just walked off immediately after eating the food that he fed them. So he sent me the photo of the cats walking away. So cute, him and the cats!

Some potato chips found selling in the hospital's pharmacy..Never see this outside before..

Marche meal with mummy! Rosti + crepe + rosetta drink (sp) !

Some berry pudding that my mum introduced to me, quite nice also!

My cute little sis actually made a 2012 calendar for me but I only got it from her in mid-july? LOL too funny la her haha!! But sweet still :)

One of my favourite childhood biscuit! :D

My late night supper in bed! No more at home already :(

Puni sweets I found in Singapore! I remember buying them when I was in Taiwan years ago~

My galaxy nails that just chipped off.. Nice or not?

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