Monday, 9 July 2012

pic-bits #8

I have a lot of overdue photos for pic-bits, partially due to me being unsure of how to load photos from my Samsung Galaxy S3 and partially because I'm busy..

Here are some photos which I took last last week, all with my S3! Squared photos are taken by apps or instagram)

We had Kenny Roger's last week!

Corn muffins!

Half chicken!

Spammed their side dishes! Yums!

Some honeydew sago which I had with mummy at simei before visiting gramps!

On the way to work~ The sun was behind me when I wanted to try out my apps on the train..

I was paid $$$ + this much of lollipops lol! (I didn't sell lollipops ya..) The colors showed up so nicely on this photo!

Met duffy beau to get my July/August lenses!

Sneak peak of the next lens review! :)

Cupwalker before going to make OG identities with the cows! First time trying cupwalker..

My dinner for one of the days.. Sarpinos pizza!

& here comes the abrupt end! Have another set of photos to spam but shall do it another day, later all my readers get overdosed hehe!

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