Thursday, 12 July 2012

pic-bits #9

Random myraid of photos from my life last week! :)

Double down buddy meal with the boy, sinful max!

Whoooo, feel like eating KFC again, like right now!

Dinner with mum and sis one day~

Salad prawns!

Collected my new lenses! This is not sponsored, I paid for it myself, pink and green, super pretty right? Looking at this photo I happy enough le~

Current store of lenses.. 4 opened, 9 unopened. Most of them are lenses that I bought myself before I got sponsored, and some are for upcoming ads! If you want lenses you can contact my sponsor, duffy beau, on facebook!

Ichiban sushi dinner with mum and sis after senior's camp..

Love all their double sets!!

Apple/ribena/lychee or all 3 I forgot..


At Marsh N Skye's ice cream buffet with Guiru and Lulu, got it from a deal site, $15 free flow gelato ice cream, waffles and iced lemon tea for just $15! Pam went MIA :(

I ate like 3 waffles + 3 scoops LOL. I can't eat much ice cream one I don't know why~ The waffles is nice and crispy! They have this godly durian ice cream, best durian ice cream I ever had! Worth a try, this place :) Location kind of brrgh though, use GPS!

Outside the shop~~ I look damn fugly and fat in all photos so posting 1 only! Stole this from facebook!

Anyway some weeks ago I worked for 4 hours for this Summer's eve event at republic poly! Randomly saw that the photos were finally uploaded so stole one to post here too! I look like some super chubby kid hahaha whatever...

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