Friday, 20 July 2012

Pretty black dress from Oasap

Some time ago, I received a super pretty dress from Oasap! :)

This is my first time blogging about Oasap and I shall do a brief introduction. As their tagline says it, they deliver fashion and love! Their store sells a wide range of items related to fashion, from clothes to footwear to accessories and even bags! The "clothes" does not refer to tops, bottoms and dresses only, they also carry lingerie and swimwear.. Basically, you can find anything related to fashion over there. They carry zillions of stuffs there! Yes you can go there to drown in the many many pretty dresses there if you have nothing to do after reading this post ..

They've categorised their items really well, according to types and even price. Shopping is really more convenient there. Their new arrivals are also updated super frequently, everything I go there, there are new items!

Basically to shop with them, you have to create a shopping account, and with that, you'll earn yourself a 20% coupon just like that. Easy peasy right? So nice right, new customers also entitled to discounts!

Also, they offer free shipping worldwide!!!! They're not based in Singapore, but fear not, you don't even have to pay that dollar for normal postage unlike shopping online locally... And shipping is via registered mail, so your item is safe!

Now, getting on to my dress.... Pretty not???? (The dress la, not me.)

When I saw this in the catalogue, I was like: "YES THIS DRESS SHALL BE MINE MINE MINE!!! :D" And so I checked out this piece.

Super love it! Its called Classic Black Sexy One Shoulder Dress on the site, if you wanna get this! Its figure hugging and has a one sided shoulder strap on the left side. The material is stretchy cotton and comfortable, and there's also a zip at the side for easy wearing. The bottom of the dress is slightly puffed, like those bubble skirts, but only to a small extent which is just nice for me!

It looks super classy, and I think I am going to attend my next wedding dinner in this!!! Sadly, its too big for me actually, because I didn't read the measurements before checking out (due to excitement). It looks like a perfect fit in the photo because I clipped pins at the back to make it fit! I like it too much and I'm going to get it altered, so yay, can't wait for it to fit me perfectly hehe...

Another random picture, pardon me for the quality and the extra things in the photo... I did my best to remove items in the background already..

Now, go to to get your pretty clothes!!! :D

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