Thursday, 26 July 2012

RWS + horrible buffet + candylicious with Pam!

Met up with Pam last week!

The highlight of the outing was supposedly a Korean BBQ buffet at Resorts World Sentosa (a deal that we bought from at Hyang-To-Gol's Korean Charcoal BBQ. But it ended up bleh :(

But nevermind, we took photos with cute stuffs near candylicious after our horrible meal hehe!

Talk about the horrible stuff first. Bear with me, it was a really horrible buffet and I have have have to complain. And warn the other people going there.

If you don't wanna know then scroll down to our photos at the far far bottom!

So yeah, I shall show you people which deal is that and you can think again if you feel like buying it next time if this deal opens again. We bought it from this link, but the deal is closed now. God bless the 690 other dumb people who bought it haha! Its priced at $33 after the deal discount, and I thought that since this is at RWS it should be good so I asked her to buy this one over other buffets! Come to think of it, $33 is super expensive please. That buffet I might not even go in if its $10?

I ate quite little because I was turned off by the food. We both thought its those DIY BBQ buffet but we were wrong. No DIY. Most food were not ready at 5.30pm which is the restaurant opening time for dinner. Why not prepared one? Plus, the BBQ stuff were served in those foodcourt hotplates (if you eat korean food) at the food counter. Note that the hotplate is not for personal use. We were supposed to kiap the meat from that personal sized hotplate to our plates. Seriously?  How stingy can a buffet get!!!! :( At least put the food in those big metal things right?

Here are some stuffs that I took..

Ginseng chicken soup, pasta, omelette, chicken ball. That chicken ball is the best food in the buffet already.

Crabmeat soup, fish, luncheon meat, chicken wing, crayfish, rice cake and the chicken ball.. The chicken wing is bloody on the inside! The rice cake is chewy until I can't swallow at all, pam said that it wasn't fully cooked or something.

And this crabmeat soup, which I thought was fake shark fin soup (which should be nice) tasted like raw fish water or something. I almost died when I drank my first mouthful! THE WORST SOUP THAT I'VE EVER DRANK IN MY LIFE, I SWEAR!!! I can't believe they actually dare to serve this, at RWS somemore. And this Pam, happily treated it as shark fin soup, put loads of vinegar and finished her whole bowl before knowing that it tasted like raw fish water from me.. :(

Some roasted stuff that we ordered. We ordered a few kinds of meat and they just came in the same pile of mess like this. I understand this is buffet, no need for good presentation, but also cannot serve us one rubbish dump right?

The second best things I ate there - fruits. I don't even eat fruits when I go to buffet usually because I'll be too full from the cooked and good food. And I'm reduced to eating fruits at a buffet in RWS that will cost $40-50 without the deal. Guess how bad this buffet is?

Disappointing max. The only good thing is that its located at some ulu part of RWS behind universal studios. Imagine tourists happily going in, thinking that they shall just splurge on some good food since they are in RWS already, and tasting all these crap especially the raw fish water. Poor things.. I will not go to this buffet ever again in my life, even if someone is treating me there.

I am a fussy eater, but rest assured I know the difference between yucky food and food that I personally don't like to eat. This buffet belongs to the first group.

End of the complains. Sorry for the rantings. Feeling disgusted recalling this experience of eating there plus I felt like I got robbed of $33 now.


So, after the buffet, we walked around the outside of USS. We went to the Hershey's shop as well as Candylicious; plus we took photo with some mascots and "statues" (okay I know they're not statues but that's the closest word I know of to describe them). Yay photo spam below!

Cute mascot lol!

This mascot totally whacked my head with his big head in this photo! Epic photo hahaha! Look at my stunned-but-trying-super-hard-to-smile-for-the-photo face!

Eating the giant chocolate bar..

Pam looks super duper happy here lol..

Haha I wanted to type "William, jealous or not?" Then I noticed that this green M&M's is female, got long eyelash...

Lol her new friend..

Eh don't know why my hair looks straight here right, the gold part!!

Okay, she's the giant now lol..

I saw this super cute flatish soft toy in the shop so I hugged it around the shop and camwhored with it haha!

Hahaha got one copycat here!

Okay, I never copycat but my position kind of awkward here lol..

Anyway, we bought lollies!!! :) Not very nice though haha! Basically I guess that day was just a bad food day for me or something, I remember having screwed up wanton mee with too much tomato sauce that afternoon.

Last photo of us! :D

Yay finally done with this loooooooooong post!



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