Friday, 20 July 2012

Sexylook Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask

Oh my god this is the first time I'm putting on a black mask sheet!!! I've done daiso charcoal mask before, but a black cotton sheet mask, not yet. It awesome and you really got to try this! :D Feeling suspicious about this black mask in its black packaging initially, sponsored by Secretive ! Black masks is the latest mask innovation, being infused with carbon to cleanse clogged pores as well as to absorb dirt and excessive sebum! Along with its Far-Infrared Releasing (FIR) effect, our skin would be able to absorb the essences 3X better! What I received is the whitening mask, yes a black mask that whitens haha, yes with other black ingredients somemore. It contains black bee honey that brightens our skin and black pearl that moisturises and give the anti-aging effect! ^^ Opened the packaging and I was still kind of not used to seeing this black thing! Had some difficulty unfolding it because it is sooo black! No worries though, its very soft and not easily torn, lucky for me! Putting it on... The only bad thing about this mask is that its really big for me, unlike other sexylook masks!! However, I decided to tweak it to fit myself by folding along some parts.. The material is very flexible and good for folding, it fits perfectly after folding and there is no air bubbles! I removed the mask after 20 minutes, as usual. The my face is kind of brightened after one application only, meaning that loads of bad stuffs have been cleared from my skin! What really awed me is the distinct difference between the masked and unmasked areas. I did apply some leftover serum near my unmasked eye area as well as my neck, but these areas feel far more dry and not as soft as compared to the masked areas! The FIR 3X absorbency function is really amazing! As far as this mask is black, its really good, and really stands out in comparison to all the previous masks that I've tried. Effectiveness being distinctly felt after one use; and that it cleanses as well as nourishes. Other sheet masks can only nourish and not cleanse. This mask is having an introductory price of $2 per piece at! Usual price is $3.50 a piece, so please go and buy it while the promotion is still on! You really have to give this mask a try!! There is also two other masks for repairing or moisturising, if you don't like whitening masks! No more suspicious look, heeh. End of post, go buy your black cotton mask now!! ^^

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