Saturday, 7 July 2012

Yellow floral nails!

I never ever expected myself to like or even have a yellow manicure, but this set is quite nice!! :D (Okay, I did consider doing minion nails before but I thought that should only be done when the new Despicable Me movie is out or something..)

I actually decided on a yellow base because I wanted a new "look", plus I recently bought this (supposedly pale) yellow polish from etude house to complete my pastel colors collection so why not use it? The yellow came out much brighter than pastel, but is okay...

Polishes that I used... All not expensive for this set!! Etude house yellow, Majolica hot pink polish, Michelle green, China glaze white... Plus you'll need dotting tools!

This set is surely easier to do than my previous vintage floral nails on a baby green base! Floral nails are really too pretty, but takes effort to do~ That explains why only 2 nails per hand have floral prints haha! Added white polka dots to make my hand not look so plain~

No major screw ups even on my right hand! (I'm right-handed and usually my left hand doesn't do my right hand justice in manicures..)

Yay I shall not ostracise yellow nail polishes anymore hehe! Might do a tutorial for this set of nails if I have the time!

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