Friday, 31 August 2012

pic-bits #14

Off to Natas fair last week with boyf!

Like we're going to a theme park LOL

Wanted to include this photo in my i.fairy hana pink review but I accidently left it out :(

TOTs event last week at causeway point! He got half of his face painted!

My only photo of the mascot, with 2 of my freshies! I had a go in the panda mascot costume!

I painted a clay at the event too.. I'm not a Hello Kitty fan, but this kitty is really cuteee!

Mum got me a new water bottle in baby pink, love the color man!

Tried cup mee goreng from super, don't like it.. Indomee from indonesia is still the best! (I came home today to my sister telling me all the Indomee at home has expired. Sad.)

Went to Jurong Point for KFC with le boyf one night!

Then I stocked up on toiletries/beauty products~~

Tried the sexydoll mask finally! It has a rosey smell! & its great on my skin too!

Playing angel and mortal with Scooby and I received these from my angel! I was still complaining the day before :/

Did my first lab report of the year and I wanna pluck all my hair out already T.T

Finally remembered to take my chocolates that boyf gave me homeeee!

Wheee!!!!!!!! :)

V8 cafe for dinner! Had the sinful v8 signature dish! William liked it so much that he said "Yums leh!" I was like LOL. The portion was huge today!! ^^

Chicken and mushroom pizza.. The taste pales in comparison with the v8 signature dish, so I can't conclude if it is ok or it sucks or v8 signature dish is just too yummy..

Brownie cheesecake for dessert! So-so only, don't know if its the v8 signature dish's fault again or not! >:(

Went shopping and he bought clothes! & I gave my Samsung s3 a makeover! Finally these colored screen guards are out for s3! Got a baby pink one with strawberries and rilakkuma! Its anti-fingerprint some more.. Got it from bugis street level 3 for $15 if anyone is looking for this!

Previews for my future posts! Some of the stuffs that came in the mail over the week~ And more stuffs are on the way, can't wait! ^^

This is a pretty long pic-bits post! Shall go to sleep now!!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

LAST DAY to Win the most exotic skin Prada Croco Bag in the World

Ladies, it’s time to owe up to our biggest fashion guilt of all time – Exotic Skin. Yes, we plead guilty!

Ostrich + Lizard + Canvas + Crocodile skins =



All exotic skins in one bag! Want one? Get it then!

LAST DAY to Win the most sought-after Prada Croco Bag in the World! Be the only person in Asia to own this hot bag. 1 in Asia. 3 in the world.

All you have to do is answer a simple question below and sign up directly on my blog!! Easy peasy, ladies!


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ifairy hana pink lenses + limited edition star lens from Duffy Beau!

Hello peeps, I'm back with my monthly lens review for Duffy Beau again!

I think that today's lens make me look like I have pink lights in my eyes! I likey! ^^

Ifairy lens is more or less similar to Kimchi lens which I've reviewed quite a few times already, the only difference being the diameter. Ifairy lens's is 16.2mm while kimchi lens's is 16mm!

Lens details:
Diameter : 16.2mm
Water Content: 55%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Lifespan : 1 Year

Remember to soak your lenses in contact lens solution for a few hours before wearing!

Close up of the lens design! I don't know why but I find those round round design on my lens super cute! Think these round designs contributed to the lens looking like its full of pink light bulbs when worn!

Yay they're in my eyes now! Also look like flowers in my eyes here~

Lens in very bright and not so bright lightings! I'm so sorry the not so bright photo is kind of blur, but as you can see, under not so bright lighting, the lenses look red! I feel that its red in a very nice way, not those freaky animation lens way...

Comfort: 5/5 – same as kimchi lens, no problems with the lenses at all!

Enlarging: 5/5 – true to what's stated, 16.2mm! Okay, I didn't notice a 0.2mm enlargement from my other kimchi lenses but like anyone can see the different of 0.2mm LOL

Design: 4/5 – Those pink circles are really cute! I like how it makes my eyes look like they are emiting pink lights! Also, to some others, this pair will look like pink flowers! :)

Color: 4/5 – The pink pigment is quite good here! Only thing is that it looks red under darker lighting which some people might be uncomfortable with, but I like the red too!

Yes yes, another pair of lenses added to my favourites! ;)


Anyway, have you seen this before?

Pretty right?!?!?!

Duffy Beau is having a limited edition star lens preorder! Yes, its a one time thing and they will not be taking orders after the deadline, 9 September, anymore! This lens design is very unique and you'll not find them easily elsewhere, so better grab them while you can!

Lens Details:
Degree Range: 0 - 900, steps of 25
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water content: 42%
Lifespan: 1 year
Place of origin: Korea
Expiry Date: 2015 or 2016

Let me show you more photos! (I have not worn this design before so photos are not taken by me, credited to Duffy Beau)

In the lens casing.. There is opal-like blue and purple color on it if you haven't noticed. Also, the usual black limbal ring and three sets of 9 stars in total!

How it looks on dark eyes~

How it looks on lighter eyes~

I believe this design will actually give you a teary/shiny eye look from far due to the stars! Okay, if you can't imagine it, just walk a few steps away from your computer and look at the above photos again! Do take note that both photos above are taken under super bright lightings, so you can expect the stars to be a little less obvious in real life when worn which I feel will be more natural!

Anyway, you can get them at $14 only from Duffy Beau! You can wear it up to a year and you probably won't see anyone else wearing this lens at all!

I feel super tempted to get a pair of this star lens too!!!! Too pretty~

Monday, 27 August 2012

The Most Sought-after Limited Edition Prada Croco Bag. Win it! Own it!

Prada brought her unique signature to another level! Last year, an exclusive and exotic Prada Croco Bag was born from the patchwork of ostrich (struzzo), lizard (luciletto), canvas (canapa) and crocodile skins. It was originally to be an archive piece that was to be kept in a museum in Milan, Italy.

This desirable bag was painstakingly put together with love and took three years to be made from scratch. 3 years. That's 1095 blood and sweat days!

All the materials were hand cut, dried and stretched by hand. Exotic skins used in Prada are ethically sourced. Usually, genuine crocodile skin would cost S$30,000 and authentic ostrich skin could go up to S$20,000.

Look at how Rihanna rock her Prada shoes and bag! Cool huh? This is how one should pair their Prada with casual dressing.

While this tote is super luxurious, industry experts advise to clash your exotic Prada Croco Bag with your clothes and accessories, and should be worn with a day or flower print dress or jersey top with a skirt.

Be the only person in Asia to own this hot bag. 1 in Asia. 3 in the world. Win this bag today! 4 More Days to Win the most sought-after Prada Croco Bag in the World! All you have to do is answer a simple question below and sign up directly on my blog!! Easy peasy, ladies!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

pic-bits #13

This photo is so funny haha! I was complaining about a previous photo that his face was smaller than mine. So he was like "Ok now my face big big!" and went super near to the camera!

Starbucks white chocolate drink!!

Orhor someone sleeping at starbucks... Why do I find him soooo super good looking in this photo???

First time having texas chicken.. Okok only~

Wore my boots out that day! But I looked kinda mismatched thanks to my super casual clothes combination lol..

My DIY nails for the past week! Cute or not? Bunny polka nails!

Drank bottled bird nest for the first time in my memory.. But my mum says that I drank before..

First cup of Gloria Jean's coffee. Its creme brulee but tasted like any other iced coffee, sad.

This is a sneak peek of the next pair of lenses that I'll be reviewing! Yes, a mad blur photo, so if you wanna see the lens clearly please stay tuned! By the way I only did makeup for one eye here so if you noticed a difference in my 2 eyes you're not imagining things!

Tomorrow need to wake up early to go causeway point again! So good night!!!! <3

Friday, 24 August 2012

7 More Days to Win one of Miuccia Prada's Favourite Bag!

You and I know that we all feel much comfortable in smart casual outfit that can bring us from a day outing to all night party.

But you and I also know that to carry and own a Prada limited edition will make us pop champagne and do cartwheels!

And if I tell you, or rather remind you, that is giving away Asia's only S$9,000 Prada Croco bag, will you call for a lion dance troupe and have a fire walking ceremony??

7 More Days to Win Micciu Prada's Favourite Bag!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

pic-bits #12

Starting to have many many random photos again!

First day of school.. Finally no more fbts to lessons until now!

I blinged this for my mum! Feels very barbie hehe!

Super long never do art and craft, I maintained!

Cute and colorful shoes with giant ribbons! Should I buy should I buy?

Had been drinking liang teh the whole of last week thanks to the super bad cough + sorethroat!

Boyf saved me with this thing, phew! <3

Kept eating this because this is the only food that I can get quickly from canteen 4. I refuse to wait!

Me have new snow boots!!! Super cute and comfy! They look a lot nicer in real, there are heart shaped patterns and horizontal lines on the furry part actually!

& when I got home I found this on my table... My sister bought it for me! My favourite Hershey's flavour yum yums! ;)