Monday, 6 August 2012

A brief tutorial for galaxy nails!

This was the manicure I had on about 2 weeks ago!

Okay, I know that galaxy is going out of trend nowadays already, but I finally tried my hand at the manicure!

Its relatively simple, and can be done at random. Here are the polishes that I've used; the colors used can be any color that you prefer, but do note that at least one of the colors need to have a metallic base.

Firstly, paint a black base!

Secondly, apply some metallic polish on a piece of wet sponge/cotton pad. Its best to put metallic polishes first before using normal polishes so that the colors would be visible. Others usually use make up sponge but I found out that cotton pad works as well. I suggest to wet it first so that its saturated and tend to not absorb as much polish to prevent waste.

After that, do the same for other colors, metallic or not. I will recommend all metallic colors to be applied first!

Just dab on all the colors at random.. I ended it off with 2 kinds of glitter polish, one with holographic micro glitter and another one with 1mm glitter bits.This is entirely up to you of course, but glitter allows the colors to look more blended and also give the starry galaxy effect.

Another hand!

Anyway, here is my backstage helper to help my manicure photos look nicer! As you can see, all the background images is my rabbitie!

So yups, that's my short and brief galaxy nails tutorial! Its really easy so please give it a try! This set is actually my first try and I've surprised that it came out quite successful!

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