Friday, 17 August 2012

Bao Today with boyf!

There are like loads of overdue photos in my computer! So my next few posts would be mainly all catch up posts.. Which means the photos are taken some time ago and not so recently..

This is one random date with the boyf! :)

We had Bao Today (包今天) for dinner at marina square and caught Bourne Legacy at GV that day!

Waiting for food....

Someone having fun with my phone!

Busting the fat face haha!

Iced lemon tea..

Carrot cake..

Prawns wrapped in beancurd skin! My all time favourite dim sum lalala~ Kind of oily, but tasted really good!

This is seafood baked rice, but actually there are only prawns and scallops inside! Two of my top favourite seafood plus loads of cheese and fried rice, yums!

Super love this photo! He looks so cute here haha!!! ♥

And a few camwhore shots!




So that's all for now, tata! :D

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