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Bigger eyes with double eyelids!

After reading this long post, those with small eyes are going to love me I promise!!! :D

If you know me when I was in primary or secondary school or even younger, you should be able to recall me having really small eyes with single eyelids. The type of eyes that look like they're closed when I'm smiling in photos. Yes, that small.

But after some risks + determination + hardwork + a year or so + make up, look at my eyes! Of course they're not perfect or anything, but I'm really glad with how my eyes look now. Of course, I'm not a pro at it yet, there are many more things that I can do to improve how my eyes look.


Basic things that will make your eyes look bigger: double eyelids, eyeliner, falsies, contact lenses..

However, I feel that having double eyelids is most important as it will open up your eyes to about 50% bigger right from the start. Single eyelids tend to hide your eyeliner and it's also kind of difficult to plant a fake eyelash onto your mono eyelid!

If you don't know, there are actually 2 types of double eyelids - tapered eyelid and parallel eyelid. I guess the current trend is parallel eyelids, but I feel that both are nice in different ways! Tapered ones looks "deeper" while parallel ones are better for makeup application. Mine is tapered! (Got the picture from google)

There are many ways for someone with single eyelids to achieve double eyelids! Surgery, stickers, glue, fibres and so on! I've been successful with using the glue! I guess this is the best method already, effective and good for make up application and low cost and not as scary as going through the surgery!

Here's my story, I took about one year and a half year to get permanent double eyelids!

Basically, a few years ago when I was still in JC, I started to experiment with the glue from sasa called eye putti. It was kind of difficult at first, I don't know how to use it at all! And I've never ever thought of googling it then, how smart -.- My trial and error finally succeeded, and I finally get to know where to glue, the timing to do it, and how to poke the eyelids. I have picture guide of how to glue your eyelids below so continue reading!

This was the glue I used, Eye putti, but any eyelash glue will do too! This was about $12 from sasa! I prefer my current eyelash glue actually, but I have to credit this eye putti because this is what got me my double eyelids in those years! I'm using darkness eyelash glue now, its much more waterproof and sticky hehe.

Of course it wasn't smooth sailing then..

  • My skin was kind of sensitive so I actually felt burning sensation at times, I believed my skin kind of tore slightly at the areas which I applied the glue. Sometimes, my eyelids will become swollen too after feeling the burning sensations.

  • I wasn't able to close my eyes properly with the glue on and closing my eyes too tightly might even spoil the line I created with this glue.

  • Sometimes the glue is visible even when my eyes are open as I wasn't that good at it yet.

  • This glue is not waterproof at all, so when I sweat during PE lessons, poof, my double eyelids would be gone.

  • I actually felt that poking my eyelids daily and holding them with glue was making the skin sag.

  • As much as the glue is not waterproof, its super bitchy to be removed. I rubbed them off most of the time, which might also contribute to sagging eyelids once again.

Nevertheless, I braved through all the above! Yes, even when my eyelids were painful and swollen I continue using the glue every morning religiously. I also took extra effort to keep my eye area as dry as possible all the time, even when I'm sweating. Usually, after putting the glue on for hours and then washing it off, the eyelid will most likely remain for the night and only be gone when I wake up the next morning. Then one day, I woke up to see myself still having double eyelids! After that, I apply glue once every few days only when the eyelids are gone for a few weeks and that's when my double eyelids became permanent.

Of course, at times when I'm really tired or after crying, my eyes would be swollen and the eyelids would be gone. I'll have to apply glue on my eyelids again, but only on those rare days and they'll be fine on other days.


Anyway, now that I'm done talking about eyelids, here's other ways to make your eyes bigger! I've combined all the 6 steps that I've done below. Step-by-step explanation below the picture!

  1. One of my "bad eye day", as you can see, no double eyelids, beady small eyes.

  2. Pop in iris enlarging contact lenses! I'm wearing 15mm geo lens, princess mimi in bambi apple green from duffy beau! See the difference already?

  3. Draw eyeliner! At this point of time, some might not be able to see the eyeliner due to having single eyelid, but just try to draw nicely and evenly on both eyes. If you do use eye shadow, apply on this step too! However, do note that if you apply the glue inaccurately later on, the eye shadow will make the error more obvious.

  4. Apply glue in a line and poke along the line drawn by the glue gently.

  5. Allow sometime for the glue to dry and be firm, usually less than a minute, and here's your new double eyelids!

  6. Add on fake eyelashes, draw bottom eyeliner with an eye pencil, and you're good to go out with fluttery pretty big eyes!

Look at the difference between the first and last picture! So glad that all these helped me so much.. I'll be learning how to apply bottom falsies!! ^^

Anyway, this is where you should apply the glue for the respective tapered or parallel eyelid. I drew with the white paintbrush on the computer instead of using real photos because my current glue looks kind of transparent and cannot be seen properly in photos. Anyway, you just have to apply a thin layer of glue and poke lightly along the line of the glue with the Y-shaped stick that come with the glue.

Yup, so that's all for my mad long blog post now! Hope its helpful! :D


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