Saturday, 18 August 2012

Going "swimming" with boyf + semianni!

It was our semianni last last week and boyf brought to me Jurong East Swimming Complex! Haha I can't really swim, go there play water ^^

I remember going there once, like maybe ten plus years ago? Its something like wild wild wet, but much much cheaper!!! It's only $2 per adult on weekends.... And we spent a good 2 hours there.. They have those children playgrounds in the water, lazy river, wave pool, jacuzzi, slides and an Olympic sized pool! Also, floats can be rented at $3 and they have huge toilets with many bathing cubicles.

We went in the morning, I forget 10ish or 11ish, so the pool wasn't that crowded yet. Luckily for me, it wasn't that hot that day but I still got darker nevertheless. Sorry, no photos of the pools and stuff because I kept everything in the locker, camera + phone not waterproof at all. I'd concentrate on having fun myself! :S

We played all the fun stuff apart from the children's playground and going into the olympic sized pool. I like the lazy river the most but it'd be better if the current isn't that scary and if there is a two-person float! I scraped my knee because I wasn't prepared for the mad current when I first ended the river; it just swept me away totally with my knee touching the bottom the whole time. I kind of liked the jacuzzi too because I can totally just nua inside and get some massage lol.. I think boyf like the slides haha! He's super cute, he totally went down the long slide backwards once hahahaha funny..

Just changed!


We had lunch at Jcube at some Japanese restaurant in the basement! Its called Ginza Bairin and I like the food there! Tasted super nice to me that day!! Maybe I was hungry after swimming or something, but I wanna eat there again~

Boyf's pork cutlet got cheese inside one!!! Feeling hungry now.....

Ice cream ice cream! Marble slab creamery, Sweet cream ice cream plus brownie add-on! :D

We watched Total Recall after that, I was sleeping at some parts because I don't know why but I felt super tired that day!!! I played with water only, not swim... Like that also can get so tired, tsk! The movie is not bad!

Original plan for dinner was to go to town but movie ended 6ish plus I was tired so we just had our dinner there instead. Ate at Eat at Taipei because we saw many people eating inside and many queueing outside so we queued too LOL. Typical Singaporeans. Turned out I didn't like their menu or food much, boo, so much for being a copycat! Should have went town instead, pssst! :(

Bubble tea...

His noodles, I forget what noodles is this!

I was very picky and decided to eat the ala carte chicken plus plain rice only :/ Shih lin is much nicer!

Yay photo with boyf ♥

Super love! :)

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