Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ifairy hana pink lenses + limited edition star lens from Duffy Beau!

Hello peeps, I'm back with my monthly lens review for Duffy Beau again!

I think that today's lens make me look like I have pink lights in my eyes! I likey! ^^

Ifairy lens is more or less similar to Kimchi lens which I've reviewed quite a few times already, the only difference being the diameter. Ifairy lens's is 16.2mm while kimchi lens's is 16mm!

Lens details:
Diameter : 16.2mm
Water Content: 55%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Lifespan : 1 Year

Remember to soak your lenses in contact lens solution for a few hours before wearing!

Close up of the lens design! I don't know why but I find those round round design on my lens super cute! Think these round designs contributed to the lens looking like its full of pink light bulbs when worn!

Yay they're in my eyes now! Also look like flowers in my eyes here~

Lens in very bright and not so bright lightings! I'm so sorry the not so bright photo is kind of blur, but as you can see, under not so bright lighting, the lenses look red! I feel that its red in a very nice way, not those freaky animation lens way...

Comfort: 5/5 – same as kimchi lens, no problems with the lenses at all!

Enlarging: 5/5 – true to what's stated, 16.2mm! Okay, I didn't notice a 0.2mm enlargement from my other kimchi lenses but like anyone can see the different of 0.2mm LOL

Design: 4/5 – Those pink circles are really cute! I like how it makes my eyes look like they are emiting pink lights! Also, to some others, this pair will look like pink flowers! :)

Color: 4/5 – The pink pigment is quite good here! Only thing is that it looks red under darker lighting which some people might be uncomfortable with, but I like the red too!

Yes yes, another pair of lenses added to my favourites! ;)


Anyway, have you seen this before?

Pretty right?!?!?!

Duffy Beau is having a limited edition star lens preorder! Yes, its a one time thing and they will not be taking orders after the deadline, 9 September, anymore! This lens design is very unique and you'll not find them easily elsewhere, so better grab them while you can!

Lens Details:
Degree Range: 0 - 900, steps of 25
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water content: 42%
Lifespan: 1 year
Place of origin: Korea
Expiry Date: 2015 or 2016

Let me show you more photos! (I have not worn this design before so photos are not taken by me, credited to Duffy Beau)

In the lens casing.. There is opal-like blue and purple color on it if you haven't noticed. Also, the usual black limbal ring and three sets of 9 stars in total!

How it looks on dark eyes~

How it looks on lighter eyes~

I believe this design will actually give you a teary/shiny eye look from far due to the stars! Okay, if you can't imagine it, just walk a few steps away from your computer and look at the above photos again! Do take note that both photos above are taken under super bright lightings, so you can expect the stars to be a little less obvious in real life when worn which I feel will be more natural!

Anyway, you can get them at $14 only from Duffy Beau! You can wear it up to a year and you probably won't see anyone else wearing this lens at all!

I feel super tempted to get a pair of this star lens too!!!! Too pretty~

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