Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Kimchi Kiss in gold!

Yes yes, this is another lens review, guess the color?

Me haz sparkling gold eyes! :D Yes, its my first pair of gold lenses!

This pair of lenses is sponsored by uniqso, they're based in Malaysia, and they ship worldwide, so international readers please take note! :)

Sweet surprise! Their lenses arrived in a cute box with their own brand printed on it! Although the more important factors in a pair of lenses is the authenticity, comfort and how it looks, this packaging definitely cheered me up.

Think I haven't mentioned it yet, this is the Kiss series from Kimchi!

Soaking them...

Close up of the design! I was attracted to the name of the series 'Kiss' as well as the star details on it hehe..

Now they're in my eyes! Sparkly sparkly!

In bright lighting and in dim lighting! This pair is another pair with more obvious color!

Comfort: 5/5 – always have no problems with kimchi lenses!

Enlarging: 5/5 – it really live up to its 16mm diameter!

Design: 3/5 – the mixture of black and gold gives my iris a sparkling look..

Color: 4/5 – I thought it'd end up looking like brown but no, its really gold or yellow!

I like this pair due to the visibility of the lenses when worn; and this color really matches my blonde dip dye hair color well! Will be getting more lenses in gold to try out! :)

Thank you Uniqso for this lovely pair of lenses!

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