Friday, 10 August 2012

KL with princesses Part 1

As I've mentioned previously, I went for a shopping trip in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with my princesses! There were 7 of us and we went earlier on this week!

It was a 3D2N trip, we did shopping most of the time. & me ate a lot a lot! Coach ride + hotel for 3D2N was slightly below S$200, and I spent less that S$300 there on food and shopping! Came back with a fat tummy and luggage.

The cheapest thing there is food! Restaurant prices were like less than half of Singapore's price, go there can eat like a king at all the restaurants!! Shopping-wise similar to bugis street roughly S$10+, but there were some random shops selling cropped tops at RM10 which is S$4 only if you're lucky to find them.. My personal budget was actually RM25 per piece of clothing or shoes, which is S$10, and I only exceeded my budget for 2 items.

I've been to KL countless times, nothing special, so just some random camwhore, food and shopping photos here!


Took grassland express from golden mile complex early in the morning!

Cheryl, my bus buddy!! (Don't ask me why my expression is like that)

I tweeted this photo that day to say goodbye lol!

At Singapore tuas checkpoint! All the girls! ♥

First meal there at Yong Peng stopover.. Burger!!! And I ate cup corn too..

Anyway, the bus ride was about 6hrs in total and we reached our hotel in KL! I realised I never really take any photos of the room..

We stayed at Royal Bintang Hotel, which is along Bukit Bintang, the main shopping area. Its a 4 star hotel, rooms clean and we were able to check in early and even get connecting rooms! My family had been travelling for years and we only got connecting rooms like once or twice before? But their service was not very good, the extra bed for the triple room never came until we asked for it twice. And they never provide toothbrush! And the bathtub for my room leaked on the last night..

I tweeted this photo too haha! Was nuaing a bit before we start shopping!

We went to Sungei wang first! It was two plus and everyone was hungry so lunch first! It was some HK restaurant at the 4th level I think.. (Anyway my food came late and I forgot to take photo of my own food -.-)

Their sweet and sour pork was nice!

The green one is mine! Honeydew milk tea but tasted like cotton candy milkshake, me likeyy!

Korkor #1. Hahaha I know "korkor" is damn gay, but they were like our bodyguards there, taking care of us and stuffs! Big responsibility!

Korkor #2 Wahhh his food the sauce mad nice one!

Sweet potato balls which we shared. First time eating it and it tasted like ultra chewy mochi..

After lunch we just shopped and shopped two-thirds of sungei wang!

Bought this candied grape thing while shopping! Its called 冰糖葫芦 I think! Quite nice!

Dinner was at secret recipe along the road on the way back to our hotel. This time round, I only took photo of my food, no humans, opps.

Cordon Bleu! It took sometime for the cheese to appear though...

Go secret recipe of course must eat cake!! Especially in Malaysia when its cheap! I shared a raspberry cheesecake with Daffy (foreground)..

Loots for the first day! (L to R) All within budget, bought too little items, should have bought more -.-

Striped dress RM20 - S$8; Leopard/Cheetah romper RM25 - S$10, Navy zipper dress RM25 - S$10; Pink flippers RM20.30 - S$8.10


Daffy made me tea that night haha! Don't know why it was super bitter that I had to add a few packets of sugar...


I shall continue my post again tomorrow because I have to wake up early for a date with Mr Boyf tomorrow! Nights!

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