Saturday, 11 August 2012

KL with princesses part 2

Woke up and had buffet breakfast at the hotel! It wasn't super yums, but acceptable.. We had fun reheating our roti pratas and we added cheese while reheating the pratas hehe! Forget to take any photos...

Went back to our rooms to nua, and camwhored a little. Clara wasn't feeling well, hence no photos of her!


And this daffy bombed me when I was zilian-ing!!! :(

4 of us went shopping first leaving the others to rest more.. We finished up the rest of Sungei Wang! Had share tea, and I tried the rock salt cheese cream with cocoa drink that I think is not available in Singapore? It's quite nice, but super thick, I think one third of the normal portion is more than enough!

Tasted like mad thick choco drink!

We met up with the rest for lunch at Berjaya Times Square! Had lunch at a thai restaurant, Absolute Thai..

I was too sick of my bubble tea that I didn't order any drinks for lunch.. Missed out on the super sweet milk tea!!

Shared thai fish cake! Niceeee, me likey!

My pineapple fried rice!!! Super yums, it'd be perfect if they add chicken/pork floss! But I was too full from the bubble tea, again......

Shop shop shop after that, show y'all my loots later!

Dinner was at Kim Gary Hong Kong restaurant! The one that Singapore also have! Its mad cheap there, my main course was RM9.90, like S$4!!!

Seaweed fries.. No seaweed taste but me like!

Honey lemon green tea! Felt a bit extra, should have ordered honey lemon juice can already! Still add the green tea for nothing..

My mushroom rice! In the end quite nice la, at first I thought it didn't look mushroomy enough! Anyway I mixed the rice already so it looks a bit gross here, opps.

Back at hotel, trying to snap a photo of my loots and this naughty girl come and photobomb me again!!!!!!! ##$&%%@#$!

Yay proper shot... Only the bra and shorts we more than RM25, around RM30 so never exceed my budget too much..

Yes this pair of loafers and ipanema slippers both less than RM25/S$10 each believe it or not! #cheapsteal

Woohoo my super cute new backpack! Now I regret I never buy one more, so cute right!! RM26 only!!!! Also top up my make up stash, bought eyeliner and lip balm! My eyeliner is cheaper than in Singapore and lip balms are like S$2+ only..

Anyway we had supper that night!!! Sunny went to buy from the roadside hawkers.. Super nice haha.. I ate really a lot that day~ We had stingray, chicken wings, satay and coconuts! Love the chicken wings the most, they were oozing with the juice somemore haha!

Me feel like eating supper again now haiz...

I don't think I took any photos on the third day so ya! Only did some last minute shopping at Berjaya Times Square! Bought quite a few pieces of tops that morning..

Everything was less than RM16 each!!!!!! So all below S$6ish only! Was super happy with all my cheap loots LOL. I think 3rd day I become super skilful already, spot all the cheap things and buy!

So yup, that's the end of my 3D2N trip! Quite a fruitful shopping trip I must say, and I ate till I'm very very happy and fat haha! :D

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