Monday, 13 August 2012

Made curry bento set!!

Curry time!!!!

Yes, I'm making my own food again. Sounds like I'm a plant photosynthesising, like what we learnt from the primary school's science textbook, but no! Boyf and I did popin cookin again, sponsored by candyplay!

This time round its their latest popin cookin set -  the curry set! I think its the only set which is not on the sweet side, so if you don't like sweet stuffs, maybe you can try this!

Opening the package~

1) Cut the plastic tray into 3 parts as follows!

2) Making the rice.

Blue packet powder + 2 triangles of water!

Mix mix mix till they become like this. Then you're ready to transfer them into the circle part of another tray.

2) Making the croquette! Orange packet powder plus one triangle of water!

Mix well again~

Use your hands to shape them in any way you want!

Now, to make the bread crumbs, squash this packet of rice crisps before opening it!

Pour the "crumbs" when done and coat the croquettes with the crumbs!

La la la, they're done so place them onto the side of the other tray!

3) Curry sauce! When you pour the brown packet powder out, you can see fake peas and carrot bits haha! Too cute! 2 triangles of water are needed for this step!

Mix well and transfer the curry gravy onto the rice!

TADAH!~ Here is my curry bento set! :D

This set was quick! Took us less than an hour! There were only 3 main things to do; and the only customisable part is the shape of the croquettes unlike the other sets which we've done previously!

We also tasted the whole thing, I can't remember each part tasted like what exactly, but I remember tasting onion, potato, MSG, maggi mee, curry, etc. Really not sweet one this curry set!

Fun: 7/10 - too few steps!

Easy to make: 9.5/10 – this whole set is easy! I think the most difficult part is only pouring the water into the triangles haha!

Always feel so happy after making our own miniature edible food sets! Here is the links to my 2 previous Kracie's popin cookin set - cupcakes and gummies! I have 3 or 4 more sets to play with, thanks to candyplay, so do stay tuned for more popin cookin tutorials!

Meanwhile, you can get some popin cookin sets to play with too! Get them from candyplay!

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