Thursday, 23 August 2012

pic-bits #12

Starting to have many many random photos again!

First day of school.. Finally no more fbts to lessons until now!

I blinged this for my mum! Feels very barbie hehe!

Super long never do art and craft, I maintained!

Cute and colorful shoes with giant ribbons! Should I buy should I buy?

Had been drinking liang teh the whole of last week thanks to the super bad cough + sorethroat!

Boyf saved me with this thing, phew! <3

Kept eating this because this is the only food that I can get quickly from canteen 4. I refuse to wait!

Me have new snow boots!!! Super cute and comfy! They look a lot nicer in real, there are heart shaped patterns and horizontal lines on the furry part actually!

& when I got home I found this on my table... My sister bought it for me! My favourite Hershey's flavour yum yums! ;)

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