Saturday, 25 August 2012

pic-bits #13

This photo is so funny haha! I was complaining about a previous photo that his face was smaller than mine. So he was like "Ok now my face big big!" and went super near to the camera!

Starbucks white chocolate drink!!

Orhor someone sleeping at starbucks... Why do I find him soooo super good looking in this photo???

First time having texas chicken.. Okok only~

Wore my boots out that day! But I looked kinda mismatched thanks to my super casual clothes combination lol..

My DIY nails for the past week! Cute or not? Bunny polka nails!

Drank bottled bird nest for the first time in my memory.. But my mum says that I drank before..

First cup of Gloria Jean's coffee. Its creme brulee but tasted like any other iced coffee, sad.

This is a sneak peek of the next pair of lenses that I'll be reviewing! Yes, a mad blur photo, so if you wanna see the lens clearly please stay tuned! By the way I only did makeup for one eye here so if you noticed a difference in my 2 eyes you're not imagining things!

Tomorrow need to wake up early to go causeway point again! So good night!!!! <3

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