Friday, 31 August 2012

pic-bits #14

Off to Natas fair last week with boyf!

Like we're going to a theme park LOL

Wanted to include this photo in my i.fairy hana pink review but I accidently left it out :(

TOTs event last week at causeway point! He got half of his face painted!

My only photo of the mascot, with 2 of my freshies! I had a go in the panda mascot costume!

I painted a clay at the event too.. I'm not a Hello Kitty fan, but this kitty is really cuteee!

Mum got me a new water bottle in baby pink, love the color man!

Tried cup mee goreng from super, don't like it.. Indomee from indonesia is still the best! (I came home today to my sister telling me all the Indomee at home has expired. Sad.)

Went to Jurong Point for KFC with le boyf one night!

Then I stocked up on toiletries/beauty products~~

Tried the sexydoll mask finally! It has a rosey smell! & its great on my skin too!

Playing angel and mortal with Scooby and I received these from my angel! I was still complaining the day before :/

Did my first lab report of the year and I wanna pluck all my hair out already T.T

Finally remembered to take my chocolates that boyf gave me homeeee!

Wheee!!!!!!!! :)

V8 cafe for dinner! Had the sinful v8 signature dish! William liked it so much that he said "Yums leh!" I was like LOL. The portion was huge today!! ^^

Chicken and mushroom pizza.. The taste pales in comparison with the v8 signature dish, so I can't conclude if it is ok or it sucks or v8 signature dish is just too yummy..

Brownie cheesecake for dessert! So-so only, don't know if its the v8 signature dish's fault again or not! >:(

Went shopping and he bought clothes! & I gave my Samsung s3 a makeover! Finally these colored screen guards are out for s3! Got a baby pink one with strawberries and rilakkuma! Its anti-fingerprint some more.. Got it from bugis street level 3 for $15 if anyone is looking for this!

Previews for my future posts! Some of the stuffs that came in the mail over the week~ And more stuffs are on the way, can't wait! ^^

This is a pretty long pic-bits post! Shall go to sleep now!!

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