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Bellabox TGIF Blogger Event!

Recognise these pink boxes???? Yes this post is about Bellabox again!

Let me summarise what Bellabox is about in case you haven't read my first post about them back in June, do skip this paragraph if you already know. 

Bellabox is a very interesting concept suitable for people who love to try out new products. By signing up with them, you will receive a box filled with at least 5 beauty goodies monthly at S$19.95 per month at your doorstep! Items include skincare, makeup, perfumes and more.. You can get bellabox for a one-off thingy, a year’s subscription or even mailing to your friend/mum/sis as a gift!

I received my September's Bellabox a week ago and guess what I found inside?? An invitation to blogger event, Thank God It's Friday with Bellabox!

I had a very enjoyable Friday evening to end off my week -- learning about more beauty products, getting to know more people, going home with two bags full of samples to try and making my own Bellabox! Read on to see the goodies that I've gotten that day!

During the event, I got to know more about the products of brands which I have not tried before, such as Bioderma, Elizabeth Arden, Caudalie and Petronille, through the mini "workshops" they conducted for us bloggers. They are Bellabox's new brand partners and you can expect to see their products appearing in your Bellaboxes!

The event was last friday evening, and this was actually the first blogger event I've ever attended!! Glad that there is a blogger event that finally fits my schedule! *excited*

The TGIF event was held at Wangz hotel, a stone's throw from Outram Park MRT station. Wangz hotel looks kind of quirky and cute! Look at the architecture that I snapped while walking there!

The actual event was held at Halo cafe at the rooftop lounge of Wangz hotel. During registration, we were each given their signature lipstick pen as a door gift. I wasn't suspecting anything about it yet but it decided my fate later on~ :)

We were left to mingle and eat and drink and take photos for quite a while.. Got to know  fellow mfp bloggers, Theresa, Joyce and Shiella!

With Theresa!

With Theresa and Joyce!

I stole this photo with Theresa and Shiella from Shiella's instagram!

This was stolen from Joyce's instagram!

Some random photos before the event started officially. There were much more food but the dishes were kind of like half empty so I didn't care to take photos of the food..

The event started off with Emily, the founder of Bellabox, giving us a welcome speech before we proceed on to the booths of the different brands. She was like a super star, once she started talking, everyone was snapping photos of her!

Anyway, I was talking about the lippie pen earlier on.. There was a brand sticker pasted at the bottom of everyone's pen! It is actually the brand that we're allocated to go to first for a mini workshop. I happily went to Elizabeth Arden's booth, it is a very well-established brand which I have been wanting to try!

Woohoo, here's their booth!

Got an eye makeover by their staff with their new series of eye shadows! The make up artist chose Classic Khaki for me and it turned out really nice! I don't do eye shadows usually, and I was really inspired to include eye shadow when doing my make up now!

The others doing their makeover~~

Was given a goodie bag (with a full-sized duo eye shadow) and a lucky pick item! I got their 8 hour cream lip protectant which is supposedly very good and it has multi-purposes! I still remember some customer asking me for this product when I was working under Clinique in Sephora Ion some time last year..

We went around to the other brands after completing our allocated station. Was introduced to their products and we got to test them out on the spot!

Bioderma's make up remover is awesome, you dont have to wash ur face after using it! Waterproof make up can be almost completely removed in one swipe of the cotton pad. Fast and good!

Was given their eye cream and make up remover!

I got a shoulder relaxing massage with some peppermint essential oil from Aveda as well as a hair makeover.

The hair stylist gave me messy curls and he used one type of lotion only, no tongs or iron!!! *amazed* And my hair was so smooth when I washed it at night, almost didn't want to use my conditioner!

Tried out Claudalie's moisturiser and serum and was given more samples to bring home..

So cute, look like candies..

Lastly, Petronille had some DIY your own scrub session which I didn't get to try out due to time constraint, my hair makeover took up quite some time.. It looked really interesting, sad! 

Their staffs were so sweet to offer me a goodie bag plus a brown sugar scrub that they had premade, and they also gave me the recipe for the scrub so that I can try making it at home instead!

Contents of the goodie bag - night cream and whitening serum. The left most pot is the scrub!

Lastly, we had a make your own Bellabox session! Its like a beauty buffet, we got an empty pink box each and we can pick any 5 items on the bar counter! This concept is super cute and I love it!

Here's the Bellabox that I DIY-ed! Looking forward to try them all out!

Items in my Bellabox:
- Lemongrass House Rose Absolute Shower Gel
- Savoir Faire Lipstick
- Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment
- Caudalie Thrist Quenching Serum
- Caudalie Moisturising Sorbet

Anyway, here are all the goodies that I've gotten from this event! A crazy amount I know! (Posted this picture on instagram)

Will review the products after trying them out. My list of upcoming reviews is getting really long! I might do a giveaway soon since I have too many products and only one face to use on! Do look out for my giveaway ;)

Anyway, I'm really thankful to Mandy from Bellabox inviting me to this awesome event! :D

I can't wait to see all these brands appearing in upcoming Bellaboxes, they're really awesome! Do sign up for your Bellabox here and you might just receive items these goodies in your Bellabox next month!


I've blogged about the June's and July's Bellabox previously, click here for all posts on Bellabox. September's box is with me too and I'll blog about it soon!

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