Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Cuicu eyeshadow review

kkcenterhk is an online make up store based in Hong Kong! They've sent me some make up to try so this is the first item that I've tried!

Brand: Cuicu
Name: Resplendent 06 (I googled for the definition of resplendent and it means - Splendid or dazzling in appearance; brilliant.)
Formulated in: Korea
Expires: 24 months after opening
Cost: USD 7.07

It has 5 colors which are all shimmery..

A small mirror at the inside of the lid.. I don't do touch ups for eye shadows but this is good for people who do touch ups!

And two round sponge tip applicators, more than enough! :) However, I'd prefer a mixture of sharp sponge tip applicators or even mini brushes, rather than all 4 tips being the same.. But this is a small problem, I can replace the applicators myself!

Here are the swatches, I took photo of them in bright (centre) and normal (right) lighting because they are shimmery and tend to look different under different lighting.

I like this eye shadow! This palette, having 5 light to dark colors (white, pink, purple, dark purple, and blackish purple), allows us to create many looks! All the colors are quite pigmented. Especially like it because they have white in the palette which is super useful as we can use on the tear duct area, lower lash area, highlight our brows and other parts of the face. Only color E is kind of weird, I expected it to be the strongest color and it ended up being the least pigmented and even lighter than color D.

Here are 2 looks which I've created with this palette, you might find the pictures familiar because I used this eyeshadow for my previous 2 lens review!

Mild midnight smokey eye look wiith puffy three tone grey lenses

Liliac contoured eye look with bambi violet lenses

Thank you kkcenterhk!

Make up tutorial for mild midnight smokey eye look coming up soon!

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