Saturday, 29 September 2012

Eye make up tutorial: Mild Midnight Smokey Eyes

I think this is one of my first ever eye make up tutorial! Doing a classic look - smokey eyes, but a mild one. Mine's dark purple, hence I'm calling it midnight!

What you'll need:

  • Circle lenses (optional)

  • Eyeshadow - with three different shades of the same color

  • Eyeliner

  • Falsies/ Mascara (I highly recommend falsies.)

What I used: 

  • Puffy three tone grey lenses from uniqso

  • Cuicu eyeshadow from kkcenterhk

  • Eyeliner from K-palette

  • Falsies from Uniqso

This is the final look, but the photo is not very obvious! (Cuicu eyeshadow in this picture)

K-palette 24 hour tattoo liner

Kawayii fake eyelash - long


And let's start now!

Here are the steps to do the eye shadow! I've also included the pictures without the dotted lines so that you can see clearly how the make up should look like at each step. (Step-by-step explanation below)

1) Put on circle lens + foundation + concealor + powder + primer (I don't use primer personally)

2) Color your eye socket with the lightest color

3) Color the outer half of your eye socket with the second darkest color

4) This is the tricky part, color outside your eye socket in the darkest color. Make it blend into a semicircle with all the other eyeshadows. The furthest you should go is not more than 1cm away from you eyes. This is to elongate your eyes and make your eyes look more defined. Please skip this step if you are using mascara instead of falsies.

5) Color your double eyelids with the same darkest color. This is to give more "eyeliner" effect and to make your eye bigger.

6) Color the outer lower corner of your eyes in the lightest color to brighten up your eyes. Do it from the center of your eyes and and extend to blend with the furthest upper eye shadow.

Now that you're done with the eye shadow, its time to do the eyeliner!

Line your eyeliner along your upper lashes. It doesn't have to be very fine or very thick, just do whatever you're good at, the falsies will most likely cover it later anyway. When you reach the outer corner of your eyes, continue extending the line straight down till you reach the furthest your eyeshadow is, probably about 0.5-1cm away from your eyes. Do not wing the eyeliner! If you're using mascara, do not extend your eyeliner~

Final step! Many people will find this difficult, but a pair of falsies really makes quite a lot of difference!!

If you're using a new pair of falsies, do remember to trim it because they are too long for normal eyes most of the time. I mean trimming the lash bone and not the lashes itself! However, don't trim it to the exact length of your eyes, leave a 0.5cm allowance at least so that it can make your eyes look longer ^^

Apply lash glue to the falsies and wait about 10-20 seconds for the glue to become tacky before pasting them. It'd be best to stick your falsies as close to your natural lashes as possible, but you're safe to stick them anywhere within the eyeliner that you've drawn if you're still learning how to do it properly.

Please do not paste your falsies right from the inner corner of your eye, I don't think it'd be possible to paste them so close anyway, but if you anage to somehow, you'll feel super comfortable. I usually paste them at least 0.5cm from the inner corners of my eyes and you should do that too! :)

Random photo that I've posted before!


This post is sponsored by:

Contact lens + falsies - Uniqso

Eyeliner - K-palette

Eye shadow - kkcenterhk

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