Friday, 28 September 2012

Fynale Y16 - 6 roses in a lens

Its end of the month again and I'm doing my usual monthly contact lens review sponsored by Duffy Beau! This is my fourth lens review with them, and their service is really good and efficient! :)

Chose a pair of Fynale lens this time round, and its not the generic type of lenses. As the title says this pair of Fynale Y16 have 6 roses in each lens around the pupils. Special right!  The lens design attracted me the moment I saw it. Comes in 2 colors only!

Mine is Y16 May! The roses are in three colors - purple, pink and orange. There are actually mini roses in between the six roses which I can't tell what color are they 'cause they're too small. And I didn't notice them the first few time I looked at the lenses.. Anyway, the vials of this pair of lenses is labelled brown, and indeed, they look a little brown from a distance.

Lens details:
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Lifespan : 1 Year

This is the clearest photo of the lens, but the colors are less obvious in real life of course. Very visible here due to my lighting :D

Now, the lenses in my eyes under bright and not so bright lighting!

Comfort: 5/5 – I think my eyes really quite power, all the lenses that I've tried so far super comfy to me one! Except for my daily disposable non-colored lenses from the optician. =.= irony right!

Enlarging: 2/5 – Its 14.5mm, bigger than our eyes of course but is one of the smallest enlargement out of all the circle lenses sold.

Design: 5/5 – I really liked the design haha, super unique and girly! Just kind of disappointed by the visibility :(

Color: 1.5/5 –The color is hardly visible unless its under super bright lighting like the picture on top. Under normal room lighting, it is almost unnoticeable, looks a little brown and teary instead, and nobody noticed that there were actually roses in my eyes. 1.5 marks to the nice color combination and the brown & teary effect only.

Overall, I still love the lenses for no reason. Have been wearing them daily since Monday... (I usually rotate all my 10ish pairs of opened lenses.) This pair is obviously good for the lazy-and-no-make-up days since its not too big in diameter, but yet pretty when worn with make up!


My favourite expression because not many people can do this within a second, I trained my facial muscles long enough! LOL..

Anyway, the brands that Duffy Beau is carrying is increasing like mad.... New brands/series such as EOS lens, Beuberry lens, as well as Fynale Ms Series; and large diameter lenses up to 20.8mm! I don't know how many hundreds of design they are carrying now, just go to their page and see for yourself ya?

I'm super excited looking at the new lens that I can pick from, and now I kind of regret picking too many of my lenses in advance :O Want to try out Fynale Ms Series and large diameter lenses, but that'll be most probably 4 months later into the future since I have 3 more pairs of lenses from Duffy Beau with me currently..

I look a little sad with this droopy falsies + shadow haha! Cool!

Was gushing about the new lenses and I almost forgot to mention this...

Duffy Beau's current promotion (ending on 9 October)

  • Luxury babe lens and super barbie lens @ $9.50/pair

  • Beuberry, Fynale, Kimchi, iFairy, Geo, Eos, Large Diameter Lens @ $25 for 2 pairs (no mixing brands though)

Its really cheap so byebye and click here now!!!! ♥

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