Thursday, 20 September 2012

K-Palette Eye Catching Moment

I was invited to K-Palette's Eye Catching Moment with Bloggers event at BHG Bugis last Saturday!

If you have no clue about K-palette, do you remember seeing "24 hour tattoo eyeliner" or "1 day tattoo eyeliner" in Watsons? Yes, K-palette is a Japanese cosmetic brand and their most well known product over here in Singapore is their 1 Day Tattoo eyeliner. I'm proud to say I use their eyeliner too! I just finished one of the normal black eyeliner as you can see below, and I really loved it! (The printing on the pen is already fading~) Intense black color, soft pen tip, smudge-proof, and easily removed with warm water -- what more could you ask of an eyeliner seriously?

Being a fan of their eyeliner, I was more than happy to be able to attend their media event! :)

Look what I was given upon registering, a pretty masquerade mask with a stick handle! If only I got this earlier.. I had my hall's D&D exactly a week before, the theme was Masquerade and I couldn't (and was lazy to) find any nice masks!

The star of the event - 1 Day Lash Perm Mascara!

Before the actual event started, I made 2 new friends, Katelyn (L) and Velynn (centre)!

Also, they were having this competition to capture the most eye catching moment, be it their products or at their event, and we were supposed to instagram or post the photos on facebook.

And of course I joined it! This is my entry.. I need some help here, do help me like this picture on facebook ya? I really like the prizes that they're giving out!  :)

They had Japanese make up artist, Miko Yatsu, at the event to do a make up demonstration for us bloggers. She was at all the K-palette events island-wide over the past weekend to do makeovers for the public too! She did a full make up for the model, but I'm not including every step here~

Here, she's putting the newly launched 1 day lash perm on the model! She mentioned to use the longer side of the brush on the bottom of your eyelashes, then the shorter side of the brush on the top of your lashes and lastly, the shorter side of the brush again on the bottom of your eyelashes. This is to ensure that your lashes are evenly coated with the mascara!

& the demonstration is completed! Both Miko and the model look so happy here~

Here's a group shot of all the bloggers that day as well as Miko and the model! I was wearing super high wedges and standing on a ledge that's why I looked taller!

I met Jeraldine, another MFP blogger! (I stole the 2 photos with Jeraldine from her blog!!)

More photos~

And last one~

We were given a K-palette goodie bag each as well as brunch from starbucks!

K-palette is really thoughtful, I was mad hungry when the event ended and the chocolate muffin as well as orange juice came just right in time! I instagram-ed this before eating!

Wheeee~ and for the goodie bag, I love it to bits! It was full of products and I was just speechless when I first looked at its contents..

I noticed that this goodie bag tag is hand-drawn, so sweet hehe!

Here are the contents... You jealous or not???

The contents:
red packaging - their regular eyeliner that I used previously
blue packaging - super fine eyeliner
pink packaging - limited edition eyeliner with skincare in the eyeliner
1 day lash perm mascara
4 tone eye shadow

I will try out these products and post reviews another time! Meanwhile, since I have 3 brand new eyeliners, I will do a giveaway soon! Give me some time to decide on what to giveaway :)

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