Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Me and boyf made ramen and gyozas!

No, this is not a packet of instant noodles, believe me. I know it really looks like a pack of instant noodles, but we really made the gyozas and ramen with our hands and no cooking was involved!!!!

Don't you find this type of title kind of familiar? The kind that make me sound like an awesome chef?

This is Kracie popin cookin again, sponsored by lovely Candyplay~ I've had fun making gummies, cupcakes as well as curry bento previously, you can click on the links to view them! :)

Getting started, this is what you'll find upon opening the packaging!

1) Cut the plastic tray into these 3 parts!

2) Making the gyozas! (This gyoza is really yummy, I swear)

Firstly, we have to chop the white "dough" rectangle into two. Mould and flatten it into a flat flat circle!

Next, pour the "fillings" onto the gyoza (moderate amount please). Fold the "dough" and close the sides of the gyoza.

See the gyozas that we've made! Left is boyf's and right is mine!!! Mine nice right? Turn our gyozas around and you see the two ugliest gyozas ever one earth haha!

3) Mixing the soup! Pour water up to the line in the bowl (the round hole in the plastic tray). Empty the packet of powder as shown in the photo and mix well.

4) Making the ramen!!! Pour one triangle of water into the trapezium plastic container and mix well. Transfer the gooey yellow mixture into the plastic bag and there you get your yellow icing bag!

Do remember to poke a hole at the corner of the plastic bag with the toothpick provided! A small tiny hole is enough!

Yay! Just squeeze your icing bag and viola, all the yellow strands of noodles will come out!  The noodles will harden once it touches the soup for some reason, so don't worry it'll be the yellow gooey stuff like before.

5) Add some toppings to the noodles and you're done!  :)

This ramen set is relatively fast to make, takes about an hour at most.

I would say this set is the nicest taste popin' cookin set that I've tried so far. The noodles and soup really tasted like instant noodles with MSG. The gyoza on the other hand is sweet. The dough is practically just a piece of Hichew gummy and the fillings are just colored rice sugars!

Fun: 10/10 - It was very fun, especially when making the gyozas and squeezing the noodles!

Easy to make: 9/10 -  Easy as usual, but we have to be very careful and gentle when making the gyozas as it is not possible to undo it even if we screw up.

We were happily eating up the ramen and gyozas. We finished everything to be exact hehe! :)

I still have 2 other sets with me - sushi set and doughnut set! (I bought the donut set myself quite some time ago but you can get it from Candyplay if you're interested.) Also, I have a packet of Gummy Tsureta Grape which is another type of goodies from Kracie to share with you all!

I'm thinking of doing video tutorials instead of picture tutorials for the other sets but that will require quite a lot of time and boyf to help me with the video, so please wait patiently! :)

I'll still recommend you all to try these kits yourself rather than watching my tutorials only because it is really a lot of fun and a great way to past time! All the kits are available at Candyplay! Do check them out!

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