Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Nail Splash + OPI Pink Friday

Nail Splash is an online store selling many different brands of nail polishes as well as nail art materials!

I was awed by the series of nail polishes that they sell. Yes, of course there's the usual OPI, China Glaze, Essie as well as Orly nail polishes, and many other brands that are not easily available in Singapore. Check out their website for all the brands that they carry. Their items are reasonably priced and most are ready stocks, you can get them cheap and fast. I like! (Y)

While I was picking a bottle of nail polish, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are swatches of the colors beside the each product in the products page! What could be more useful than swatches when picking a nail polish color? This totally made my choosing process quicker, and I don't have to switch between tabs to google for color swatches.


Let me share some other less common brands that have caught my eyes, super pretty bottles and colors!

Ciate paint pots for preorder: I super love the design of these bottles, plus the ribbon, awww.. Can't wait to grab hold of one of these, so pretty! Do you even see this pretty nail polish selling in Singapore?

Tins: I've heard of Tins, super sparkly and glittery nail polishes from Japan. Its said to be made from diamond dust, I want!!! I can't imagine how sparkly it'd look in real!

Blaze Color Changing Nail Polish: I think I have fantasized about such nail polishes before, but I didn't know that they do exist. This is super cute, I can't wait to try them and look at the changing colors! I especially like the glimmer green that will transform into fleckberry outdoors!


I picked a bottle OPI Pink Friday to review! The owner added a pair of separators for me, useful when I wanna do my toes!

I guess many should know how great OPI polishes are: Big flat brush, consistent thick lacquer, and the time taken to dry is just right! What I mean by "just right" is that it doesn't dry too fast or turn gooey before I paint one layer properly, and it doesn't take too long for a layer to dry too.

As such, I shall focus on comparing the shade of pink instead! I picked Pink Friday simply because my Sweet Memories is running out, and that I need a more obvious candy pink color.

Top: one coat of Sweet Memories, one coat of Pink Friday - you can see that Sweet Memories is almost not visible while Pink Friday is much more obvious. I'm lousy at painting my nails, so I believe a professional will only need one layer of Pink Friday.

Bottom: three coats of Sweet Memories, two coats of Pink Friday - Sweet Memories requires three coats to look even and more obvious, but it will still look like there's nothing on from far. Pink Friday otherwise, only requires two layers to look even and nicely opaque.

Close up! You can see how shiny OPI polishes are even without a top coat ya!

Painted all my nails with Pink Friday already! I have candy nails!!

Random shot!

Do check out Nail Splash for more nail polishes! ;)

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