Sunday, 16 September 2012

pic-bits #15 - with him! :)

Life have been pretty busy and we don't have the time for a proper date at all for some weeks already! >:(

Went to Jurong Point like twice last week~ Random photos! (Some are from my instagram, follow me at @fishaberry)

Had my fringecut finally! I might go back to the hair stylist again since he knows how I want my hair.

Pasta perfectto at pizza hut for lunch! Beef bolognaise and prawn alio olo ^^

Drinks and soup~

There was a pasar malam near school again and we went for a pasar malam date, then neoprints and to watch the movie Ted! :D Actualy we ate a lot but I forget to take photo of some food..

Ramly burgers!

Tu tu kuehs!

Fried oreos!! My first time trying and they were yums!

Behind the scenes for neoprint haha! Been ages since I took neoprints! The machine sucked though, beauty mode is like crap and all the photos are orangey!

My share of the neoprints! :D

Finally watched Ted! I wanted to watch Ted for a looooong time! I remember wanting my teletubby, lala, and all my soft toys to come alive too~~ Too bad it didn't.. A pretty funny show, but I think I'll prefer a more kiddy version of this movie, I don't like a teddy to be so crude and on drugs! :( The photo slideshow of ted and the boy as he grew up was cute though!

Oh, and I finally decorated my board in hall last week! All my photos are ♥♥♥ ! There is a new addition to my board currently, the pretty masquerade mask from K-palette's eye catching moment blogger event which I will blog about another day!

Now, back to my revision for mid terms. Many event posts/beauty reviews/tutorials coming soon! :)

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