Thursday, 27 September 2012

Robin Niu Beauty Talkshow: Anti-AGING 101

If you were following me on instagram, you would have known that I went to Robin Niu Er's Anti-Aging 101 Talkshow at Chijmes two weeks ago, courtesy of OMY.

I was kind of surprised to be directed to the VIP seats when I registered at the entrance! Was in the second row, and I had a clear view of the stage and audio was alright at the front.

Me waiting for the event to start, ready to take notes!

When Niu Er lao shi appeared, I think the crowd just went crazy. Everyone was trying to get a handshake/hug/photo with him when he walked around the hall. About 90% of the whole hall are his die hard fans, and I came to find out that there are people who attended his talkshow every time he comes to Singapore! O_O

The whole talk show was in Chinese and there were no subtitles.. I sure do understand Chinese, but I kind of expected it to be in English.. I guess this was okay as most of the crowd are middle-aged chinese ladies..

This was like more than half an hour into the talk when he's finally starting on the talk itself after being finished with making handshakes with more than 50% of the people in the hall and after the shouting competition. Many people were called up the stage and they were supposed to shout "I LOVE KOSE/ INFINITY/ 老牛!" 90% of the people who participated in the competition came down with Kose's samples in their hands. I don't really see the point of this competition but it made the participants' day I guess.

Interior of the hall plus smaller screens at the side for people sitting further away from the front.

He also did demonstration on 2 ladies on the stage: how to do proper cleansing and  applying all the lotions & creams.

This lady with short hair is a Japanese! She was giving an introduction to Kose's Infinity Prestigious series, and the one in white is the translator. Can you believe that the Japanese lady is 55 years old? Her skin looks younger than mine seriously x.x

Here are three tips that I picked up from the talk:

#1 Your skin is affected by your DNA, and all these will affect your DNA: sun, stress, alcohol/drugs, food, sleep, exercise. Remember to have a balanced lifestyle to achieve better skin!

#2 Use a cotton pad to apply all your skin care products. This will allow better penetration and also spread the product more evenly. The same piece can be re-used for the different products that you're using at one go. Lastly the leftover in the cotton pad can be used to apply on other body parts as well.

#3 He demonstrated the age defying facial massage, which will give us firmer skin and a slimmer face! You can do this massage every night, and you can actually spread your night cream on your face while doing this massage haha! It comes in three steps, and each step is to be repeated thrice! I did a gif for the steps haha, I look kinda funny in some steps, don't mind me! :(

Step 1: Massage from forehead, down the sides of the face and neck, and lastly, press your collarbones! He explained that pressing the collarbones will reduce water retention so that our face will not be bloated due to water. 

GIF animations generator

Step 2: Let your hand be a L-shape, thumb apart from the other four fingers. Fit the corner of the L-shape onto your jaw beside your chin and other fingers beside your nose. Push outwards along your jawline. 

GIF animations generator

Step 3: Push upwards starting from your chin to the sides of your face and press your temples. Pressing of temples is supposed to reduce water retention too. 

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We were given goodie bags upon leaving the hall, and guess what I've got? Tone-up wash, lotion pretigious, and astringent!

I've tested out this three products. The facial wash is so-so, nothing special about it but nothing bad too. Although lotion prestigious is in liquid form, its really sticky after being applied on the face. Kose's infinite prestigious series is for women aged 45 and above so I guess its kind of too rich and moisturising for my skin. I liked the astringent lotion the most!

The astringent lotion helps to tighten pores, preventing make up from wearing off, and it also moisturises your skin. I always feel very refreshed after using this astringent lotion! Niu Er lao shi actually mentioned that this astringent lotion can help in oil control too, and can be used over make up, as many times a day as we like. I think this is perfect for many people like me. He suggested that we blot the oil away from our face using a blotter or facial tissue first, then pat on the astringent lotion with a cotton pad (and touch up with pressed powder if need be).

Yay I'm using it~

To be honest, I personally don't watch the Taiwanese beauty show 女人我最大, so I haven't really heard of Niu Er lao shi before this and I'm not a fan of his either. I was there purely to learn more beauty advices/tips and to blog about what I've learnt after the event. I have learnt a few tips, and I liked the age defying massage especially; have been doing it randomly on some nights in hope to make my chubby face slimmer haha! However, I feel that the talk was more focused on himself being an idol rather than on beauty tips as well as Kose's products. Also, the talk overran by quite a lot, too much time was spent on excessive and unnecessary interaction with the crowd..

Well, at least we have some tips on face slimming! :D

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