Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sissie's 18th!

My sister turned 18 on Saturday!

I realise things always like to happen on the same day, I have hall D&D on the night of her birthday, so we had her birthday dinner on friday evening instead.

We dined at Brio's of Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel (coincidentally last year's D&D venue). Considering that it was a seafood buffet at a 5* hotel, the price was not bad, $55 per pax due to the deal that we bought! So much better than the food I get after paying $59 for D&D seriously..

I was in specs so... no photos of me, ugly :(

Random snapshots of the food stations there and some of the food I ate! Its a buffet so I wasn't paying that much attention to snap photos! And I realised I totally left out the photos of the cooked food because they put placed in those silver metal heating thing, and you can't really see the food from the photo.

Salad station which I never touched lol.

Cold seafood! Which I didn't eat also!

Japanese sushi and sashimi which I didn't eat also! Okay, I know I'm really picky...

Outdoor BBQ area! My favourite!!!!!!! I came here to refill my food for don't know how many times!

Random fondue and "kueh" section..

Dessert section lalala! The cakey and moussey kind of dessert. I remember there were ice cream and traditional chinese dessets too at another side which I didn't take any photos of!

Some of the food I ate!

BBQ chicken and salmon! I think I had these for at least 3 times!

Corn and baked potatoes at the BBQ station too. Not as good at the chicken and salmon though.

BBQ king prawns! I remember eating a lot of these!!!!! :D I just remembered eating black pepper crayfish too but I guess I forgot to take photos of it!

Salmon cream soup! It tasted like a super yums cream soup with no salmon taste in it, I like! I can't imagine how a pure salmon soup will taste like, kind of weird urgh. I had like 3 bowls of this too!

Some of the dessert which I took! Not bad! Kind of different from other buffets that I had before..

Haha I played with the chocolate from the fondue~

Haha made her take photo with this plate!

Anyway, I think that I'm a very nice sister because I bought her a nice present haha! Nice right!

Last photo of her cake again~ Her cake not from the buffet okay!!!

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