Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Guest Post for Bellabox: Experimenting with Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse multi-usage dry oil

I think I just found the most multi-purpose beauty product ever after some research and experimenting! It's the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse multi-usage dry oil!

I'm very excited to share the many ways that we can use this dry oil, but I must first say that it will definitely be on my packing list especially when I'm travelling, don't we love multi-purpose products especially on the go?

To be honest, I was really clueless about this Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse that I received in October's Bellabox. I was thinking "what can I do with a useless bottle of oil?"  My perception of oil would be the same as most of you - cooking oil, essential oil, make up remover and the sebum our skin produce - and never did I expect oil to have other benefits, for our skin especially.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Just in time for halloween, red lenses! - Luxury babe lens 34 in red

Monthly lens review again for Duffy Beau!!! :)

Firstly, happy halloween! Actually I don't celebrate halloween, but I chose a pair of red colored contact lenses to say that I'm celebrating halloween haha!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Hello my lovelies, I think this is the the first time that I have not updated my blog in 4 days, I am so sorry! ><

Was really busy since Thursday, with school, projects, hall committees, cheerlead, studies and sponsors. Almost got me breathless!

I'm actually taking a break from studying and project now to get this post done!

Anyway, please forgive me for the upcoming droughts on my blog because I have 2 tests and 2 presentations in the next two weeks; and my finals are coming in 3 weeks, I'm so gonna die :( So this drought will only end after the first week of December. Oh no oh no.

I'm pretty excited to share a few sponsored posts with you people hopefully within this week, do continue to visit my blog hehe! Spent my whole Friday at 2 sponsors' place! Currently, I got to filter the photos I took, take more photos maybe, and start typing once I'm done with my test on Tuesday!

Tata and hope I can blog more soon! Don't miss me!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

October 2012 Bellabox - Bella Birthday Box!

Was so busy that I almost forgot to blog about what I got in my monthly Bellabox!

Its the time of the month again.............. not what some of you are thinking!!! I mean, its my happiest time each month, opening the Bellabox delivered to my doorstep! See my face in the photo below, I'm just too happy! :D

Pastel Heart to Heart Bracelet X CharmedCandy

Last week, I received the sweetest piece of arm candy ever in my mail!

This Pastel Heart to Heart Bracelet is handmade with love from Ellie of CharmedCandy, and I love it so much! A gold chain with 5 pastel rainbow colored hearts, topped with a cute pink tassel plus a rhinestone at the end of the chain. Can anyone not love this???

Monday, 22 October 2012




8 more days to go to win the PRADA DOCTOR BAG for the MyFatPocket's Luxury Bags Giveaway 2012!

Chosen specially by the lovely blogger, Miyake.

Here are some of the common questions answered:



If you have participated, increase your chances of winning by getting ALL your girlfriends residing in Singapore to click on your lucky URL link (Your unique link can be found in the verification email we sent you previously)


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Sunday, 21 October 2012

EOS candy pink lenses

Today's lens are EOS candy pink G-208 from!

They've actually sent me the Rohto Lycee eyedrops along with this pair of lenses which I'm really excited to try out, will blog about it in another post soon, my eyes are not dry enough for me to open the eyedrop yet hehe!

My lenses came with another cute 3d casing, yay cuteee!

The lens design is something that I've seen for years ever since colored lenses became a hit online, but never got to try it yet! A black solid ring with no blending into the color, and a pink color blended into the center of the lenses! Looks like a candy totally hehe!

Friday, 19 October 2012

pic-bits #17

I don't know if I'm doing the right thing posting all my instagram photos here at my blog. I don't know if you people had seen them already not, is this too repetitive? I'm trying hard to add some captions in case you people have seen these photos and are bored out by me :( Let me know if you feel very strongly about me reposting all my instagrams here..

Ohya, photos not posted in any order okay, I don't know why but the order seems jumbled up, but I can't recall the order of things that happened anyway.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

long long day

I'm suddenly in the diary-ish mode again after so long, shall type something whilst waiting for my hair to dry!

Just had a really long day, but its more meaningful than any other random day of mine. Quite a productive day, for my standard at least, lab report completed early (but I'm still doing pre lab now), cleared the two meetings (but more work is just starting to pile up) and cheer training which ended really late. Kind of amused at how things always seem to happen on the same day and sometimes at the same time. And I realised that the peak period of all my commitments are going to hit me in full force together now and in December - MIE, cheer, OMC and TOTS.

I'm enjoying cheerlead training more and more. I don't know if its because of the better prospects for our hall team this year due to the more ambitious coach or its because the team is so eager to train and practise. Sad thing is that we still need at least 5 or more additions to the team, which is so difficult to find! I still suck at toss to hands badly, been stuck at that for so long >:( But I was quite surprised that I was on the toss to extension and then one hand thingy (I forgot what that is called) without even knowing; maybe sometimes, our psychological fears really hinder us from greater achievements...

Anyway, its 4.30am now, just done with my pre lab and I'm going to bed. Need to wake up at 8.30am tomorrow/later for lab and hopefully I can tune my bodyclock back to sleeping early at night soon. Seems kind of impossible but I really should try tuning my bodyclock back. Been stuck like this for so long!

Tata! :)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion

Recently, I started to use a new toner and I'm loving it! Sharing with you girls now! :)

I think most of you should have heard about Hada Labo, the number 1 face lotion in Japan, which is also much loved by Singaporean women! I have tried the Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion in white before and this time round, I'm trying the blue one - Arbutin Whitening Lotion.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Wanna kill yourself?

This is the first time I'm sharing this kind of posts on my blog, it looks kind of out of place on my blog but I guess its meaningful!

I must first declare that I didn't write this myself, in case people start accusing me of plagarism lol, academic integrity quiz. Got it off a friend's facebook timeline, he was sharing this, and this is the kind of posts that ask people to "share if you care". I thought it was quite meaningful but more applicable to a younger student's context and somehow exaggerated at some points.

I'm sharing this here as I feel that it brings across the message that one impacts many people, unknowingly. People do care but they might not show it is in obvious way or all the time. If you're gone, the lives of the people whom you loved and cared are all going to change. No one will want that right?

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Giveaway #2

Giveaway #2 set:

SK-II Whitening Source Lotion
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Brightener
Lovemore Camellia and Tourmaline Whitening Mask
Lovemore Pomegranate Mask
Etude House O2 White Mask Sheet

There will also be two mystery consolation prizes this time round!

 How to join: 

  • Share this link on facebook: and email the screenshot to me at titled "Giveaway 2" OR

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Multiple entries are allowed, but please restrict it to one FB share and one tweet per day!

Winner will be picked by a random generator this time round!

Giveaway will end on 21 October 2012 2359hrs!

Prize will be mailed to the winner! :)


WINNER: @fancyamazingly

Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Dolly Eye Natural Three Tone in Purple

If you remember seeing this photo in my instagram some time ago... I'm reviewing one of 'em now!

The Dolly Eye sent me all 6 colors of this natural three tone design from Malaysia! Brown, grey, blue, green, pink and purple! I was kind of shocked to receive 6 pairs at one go~ I'm reviewing the purple pair today!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

A simple look with Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal + review!

Guess what's this cute and short thingy?

Its Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal crayon eyeliner which I've gotten from my October's Vanity Trove!

I was pretty amused by the fact that this eyeliner comes in a crayon form rather than the normal pencil/pen/pot form, hence I'm trying it out now.. Its the first time I'm experimenting with a crayon liner and khol or kajal products, so don't mind me if I'm bad at using it!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Win the Gorgeous Prada Doctor Bag chosen by Blogger Miyake!

Aren't both Miyake Wong and the Prada Doctor Bag gorgeous!?

This sexy and shiny red Prada Doctor bag is from the Prada F/W 2012 Collection, yo!!!

If you and your bestfriend each want Prada's latest IT bag, visit tp://


You MUST tag at least 1 friend to be in the draw ok?

If you win, your friend wins too. Get ALL your girlfriends in Singapore to participate to increase your chances of winning!

Because no one can resist a beautiful thing. Not me, that's for sure.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Food and movies with ♥

I know I rarely blog about my life nowadays, my sister and my boyf and some others were complaining that I only blog about beauty now (they're not interested in beauty stuffs lol), so here's a boyf/food/lifestyle post finally!

Its not that I don't wanna blog about my life, but life as a student ain't very interesting ok! Unless you want me to blog about NTU canteen food *pui* Okay, some food are not that bad, but I'm sick of most of the food here. 

Yay photo with him! :D (look at my super brown eyes haha!)

Lunch that day was at Aloy Thai! This is one of the popular places to have thai food, my first time there! Food was not bad, their main course do include a generous serving of fresh prawns, which is my favourite!!! But I was sad that they don't serve thai fishcake! What logic is this? Thai fishcakes are a must in a thai eatery's menu!! :(

William wanted to bring me there some time ago, but when we reached Shaw Towers, it was closed that day. *epic lol* Luckily for us, it was open last monday. We were expecting a crowd, but I guess it was a weekday late lunchtime so we don't have to wait!

These are the food that we ordered that day. Everything costed us $30+ including drinks!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Giveaway #1

I keep saying that I wanna do giveaways because I have too many things and here's the first!

I think I'll be doing weekly or fortnightly giveaways! I kept some better items for another giveaway because this is my first one and I wanna gauge the response first! I'm also not sure if I should hold a twitter/fb/comment giveaway, so bwah, this first one for me to test waters haha..


Giveaway #1 set is as follow:

Stage Wonderlust Lipstick (Nude Pink Color)
Sample sized Shu Uemura Skin Purifier (Cleansing Oil)
Sample sized Biotherm White D-tox BB cream
Dramatic Top Falsies
Bottom Falsies
Essence + Soft Mask
Sexylook Black Pearl Mask
Lovemore Camellia and Tourmaline Whitening Mask
Etude House Collagen Eye Patch


How to join?

Since this is the first time I'm doing it and I don't know what works better, you can choose any of the following options! I won't mind if you wanna do all 3 too! :D

1) Tweet "I am joining @eijgniy giveaway! #eijgniy1 " Please check your privacy settings as I might not be able to see your tweet if your account is private.

2) Share this link "" on facebook and email me the screenshot with the title "Giveaway #1"

3) Comment on this post with your email address and what you would like me to blog about in the future!


I would most likely be mailing out the set to the winner. Considering meet up too in case I can't get an envelop to fit all those..

Giveaway will end on 14 October 2012 2359hrs!

Good luck!

Disclaimer: 2 of the samples are from my sponsored Bellaboxes and some of the masks are from secretive. Other items are bought with my own money! 


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Vanity Trove October 2012 - Big & Bold

Look, here is my first ever Vanity Trove! It was delivered to my house a few days ago and I finally went home from school and opened it!!

I believe you've already seen my posts about Bellabox and Glamabox some time ago right? Vanity trove offers a similar service too, but its priced at $25/mth and you will be getting more items (6-8 items) in your trove! I've read somewhere online that there will always be full sized items in each month's Vanity Trove, forgot where I read it! I'm not sure if the source is reliable or not, but I did receive full sized products in my october trove! :D

Read on to see what items I received in my first ever trove!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

WHC-244 Geo Grang Grang Brown

If I'm not wrong, I've never reviewed a pair of brown lenses before in my blog, so here's one special brown lens!

Sent to me by Shoppingholics! They sell contact lenses as well as beauty products, and they provide free shipping for orders above USD50!

Friday, 5 October 2012

K-palette 1 day lash perm mascara and 1 day tattoo liner review!

I'm super in love with K-palette now! Recently finished using the first eyeliner that I bought from them myself, and I've just tried out their 1 day lash perm mascara which was sponsored!

This is the first time I'm confident enough to say that my eyelashes are visible even without falsies!

Look at my eyes, just their eyeliner and mascara only, no eyeshadow or anything else!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

LINGMEI Shiny Precision Liquid Eyeshadow

The eye shadows that I normally use are the powder kind. I saw a liquid eye shadow on kkcenterhk's shop catalogue and decided to try it out! I picked the white one, there are like 12 colors in total and all are metallic colors.

The packaging is quite beautiful, and it somewhat reminds me of Anna Sui!

Rings & Tings!

I have new accessories from Rings & Tings!

Little Love Ring in silver

Chic little ring that'll look good alone or paired with other accessories.

Comes in gold too.

I took a lot of effort to take this photo okay! The ring is mad reflective. Pretty~~ And it fits my fat fingers muaha!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My first polaroid camera!

This gift that was wrapped super nicely finally came to my house after 2-3 times of failed delivery due to the courier's miscommunication.. My sister and I were looking forward to its arrival for days!


Monday, 1 October 2012

September's Glamabox!

[This post is featured on Glamazine under blogger's corner]

My September's Glamabox arrived at my doorstep and I was really excited to pry it open and explore its contents! Yay to another pretty beauty box! :D

You must be wondering, what is this???

Glamabox is another company providing monthly subscription beauty boxes!

Yes, I know there are other beauty box companies such as Vanity Trove and Bellabox in Singapore, but Glamabox is a tad bit different! Its the cheapest currently, S$18/month, and your box is flown from Hong Kong. Similar to the other two brands, they promise 4-5 handpicked products in their monthly boxes, picked by their founder, Lisa S (a popular model and Daniel Wu's wife) as well as their team. The contents of Glamabox is slightly different from the other boxes because they are trying to introduce the less well known local brands to their subscribers apart from the usual big brands.

pic-bits #16 - a me-post

I've been blogging and blogging about beauty and fashion (a little) recently, and I realised that it has been ages since I last posted a personal post. This is not a proper personal post anyway, but the pics and bits of my life. Haven't been having a "life" to blog about too..

I've been more active on instagram and tumblr recently, so you can follow my instagram at @fishaberry or visit my tumblr. The photos in this post are those which I've posted in my instagram/tumblr over the past week or two. For immediate updates of my life, you can follow my instagram or tumblr. My followers are mad little haha!