Thursday, 11 October 2012

A simple look with Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal + review!

Guess what's this cute and short thingy?

Its Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal crayon eyeliner which I've gotten from my October's Vanity Trove!

I was pretty amused by the fact that this eyeliner comes in a crayon form rather than the normal pencil/pen/pot form, hence I'm trying it out now.. Its the first time I'm experimenting with a crayon liner and khol or kajal products, so don't mind me if I'm bad at using it!

"Khol liner has been used for centuries to line and enhance the eye. Today, the term "khol" is applied to eyeliners designed for smudging and creating a smoldering, smoky look. Many people choose to use khol on their waterlines, or the inside of the lower lash line, because their oily formulation helps them stay in place. Khol liners tend to be soft pencils that glide onto the skin smoothly and lend themselves well to blending." - from

The packaging of this product is kind of attractive, short and a little fat, with a ribbon trailing from the base. I like it because it can fit nicely into clutches when going out, just like how it fits into my big wallet!

Water and smudge test :

Right - plain line swatch. Super smooth application and pigmented! This color intensity is achieved when I only drew it with a super light stroke.

Center - in contact with water. The eyeliner still stays, but the area will be dripping with black water, which isn't a very good thing.

Left - smudging with a very light stroke. This eyeliner smudges real easily, which is the intention of khol liners I guess, good for the smoldering effect! (PS - this liner is awesome as a black eye shadow!)

What sets this khol liner apart from other khol pencils other than its new super soft formula is the cone shape. Bourjois has carefully crafted this conical eye liner such that it sharpens itself automatically, how great is that? No need for sharpener = no mess + less trouble.

I like this eyeliner for being fool-proof! Anyone who can't draw their eyeliners properly will do well with this as they can just blend the color into an eyeshadow whenever they screw up. Did I mention that this eyeliner is super easy to blend? The pigmentation is awesome as it translates into a super rich grey shade upon blending, better than some black eye shadows. Also, its surprisingly very lasting for the waterline! 

One tip to prevent unnecessary smudging is to set it with either translucent powder or black eyeshadow after applying it to make it less smudgey! ;)


Here's one way that you can wear this eyeliner! Its my first time trying a khol liner and I'm quite happy with the final look, simple yet defined.

After putting on primer + foundation + concealer + some pearl eyeshadow to brighten up the eye area....

1) Drew the eyeliner around my full eye along my lash line. I realised that although the crayon is really smooth, its quite difficult to draw it along my lash line in a stroke. I ended up dabbing the crayon along my lash line instead. (Its okay as you'll be blending it later, no need to be neat in this step!)

2) Smudge the liner to create a smoky look! Its really easy to smudge and blend, so smudge it with anything - your finger/cotton bud/eyeshadow applicator - will do! When smudging the bottom, remember not to overdo it, if not you'll end up like a panda!

3) I used a black liquid liner to draw a very thin line along my upper lash line to redefine my eyes as the khol pencil was entirely smudged into grey eye shadow already.


I hope this post will help those who are as new to khol liners as I am! Feel free to share with me other ways that you can wear this eyeliner! :)

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