Sunday, 28 October 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Hello my lovelies, I think this is the the first time that I have not updated my blog in 4 days, I am so sorry! ><

Was really busy since Thursday, with school, projects, hall committees, cheerlead, studies and sponsors. Almost got me breathless!

I'm actually taking a break from studying and project now to get this post done!

Anyway, please forgive me for the upcoming droughts on my blog because I have 2 tests and 2 presentations in the next two weeks; and my finals are coming in 3 weeks, I'm so gonna die :( So this drought will only end after the first week of December. Oh no oh no.

I'm pretty excited to share a few sponsored posts with you people hopefully within this week, do continue to visit my blog hehe! Spent my whole Friday at 2 sponsors' place! Currently, I got to filter the photos I took, take more photos maybe, and start typing once I'm done with my test on Tuesday!

Tata and hope I can blog more soon! Don't miss me!!!

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