Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Food and movies with ♥

I know I rarely blog about my life nowadays, my sister and my boyf and some others were complaining that I only blog about beauty now (they're not interested in beauty stuffs lol), so here's a boyf/food/lifestyle post finally!

Its not that I don't wanna blog about my life, but life as a student ain't very interesting ok! Unless you want me to blog about NTU canteen food *pui* Okay, some food are not that bad, but I'm sick of most of the food here. 

Yay photo with him! :D (look at my super brown eyes haha!)

Lunch that day was at Aloy Thai! This is one of the popular places to have thai food, my first time there! Food was not bad, their main course do include a generous serving of fresh prawns, which is my favourite!!! But I was sad that they don't serve thai fishcake! What logic is this? Thai fishcakes are a must in a thai eatery's menu!! :(

William wanted to bring me there some time ago, but when we reached Shaw Towers, it was closed that day. *epic lol* Luckily for us, it was open last monday. We were expecting a crowd, but I guess it was a weekday late lunchtime so we don't have to wait!

These are the food that we ordered that day. Everything costed us $30+ including drinks!

Thai milk tea! Gosh, I feel like having one now :O

He's super naughty please, everytime I want to take a photo of him, he got "pattern" one. There are more in my lappie but I shall not post them here haha.

Pandan chicken! This one was yums and kind of sweet, but super expensive too. This dish costed us $10+ for 4 pieces of chicken..

This is Phai Thai! Thai style fried kway teow which is less oily and nicer than Singapore's. But I wonder why are the noodles orangey? But its nice, really!!! (After I pick out the beansprouts....)

Pineapple fried rice! This one was alright, but I'm disappointed! I was expecting it to be served in a pineapple LOL. It tasted like normal fried rice from zichar stores in coffeeshops.. No pineapple taste in the rice, no pineapple shell, no porkfloss. The best pineapple rice I had was at Absolute Thai in KL, it was served in a pineapple and the rice tasted like it was really cooked with pineapples!

Happy boy starting on his pineapple rice!

But he still have to stop and take photo for me first haha.....!

Then it was movie time at the cathay!

We watched Premium Rush! It was okay okay, not very nice but not not nice also! We watched it at the Grand Cathay, it was huge! My first time there..

When the movie ended, we just walked around and went to eat dinner again haha. Eat eat eat. Ate at saybons! I love their mushroom soup! ^^

So cute x3 x3 x3

Me and my foodieeeeeeeee!

Last photo of us! Sorry its blur, opps!

Yay happy day with him!! :D:D:D

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