Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Guest Post for Bellabox: Experimenting with Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse multi-usage dry oil

I think I just found the most multi-purpose beauty product ever after some research and experimenting! It's the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse multi-usage dry oil!

I'm very excited to share the many ways that we can use this dry oil, but I must first say that it will definitely be on my packing list especially when I'm travelling, don't we love multi-purpose products especially on the go?

To be honest, I was really clueless about this Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse that I received in October's Bellabox. I was thinking "what can I do with a useless bottle of oil?"  My perception of oil would be the same as most of you - cooking oil, essential oil, make up remover and the sebum our skin produce - and never did I expect oil to have other benefits, for our skin especially.

On the 10ml sample bottle given in my Bellabox, it stated that it nourishes, repairs and softens and can be used on our face, body and hair!

First thing I sensed about this bottle of oil would be its fragrance. I can smell its fragrance the moment I opened my Bellabox! The fragrance is pleasantly mysterious, unlike the conventional sweet-smelling perfumes.

Being new to this product, I first tested it out on the underside of my arm. I was pretty amazed by how quickly it was absorbed onto my skin. Some of the oil is already absorbed by my skin before I could take the photo of the droplet! I rubbed the leftover oil into my skin, delightfully discovering that my skin is not a least bit oily and has a slight healthy sheen(not that obvious in my photo below).


The positive result of my spot-testing gave me the courage to try the oil on different parts of my body.. I've only spent one afternoon experimenting with it and here some ways that we can use this product!

1. Hair serum - apply a few drops of oil onto the ends of my hair.

This works as well as any other hair serum that I've tried. The dry ends of my hair looked much healthier upon application, and the oil also smoothed out the flyaway hairs..

2. Hair fragrance - even if your hair is perfect, rubbing a drop or two onto your hair will give your hair a unique fragrance that smells like no other shampoo out there!

This is probably a way cheaper than a hair perfume, and it comes with other benefits so why not? The fragrance lasted me up to 5 hours when I'm not in an air-conditioned room, really lasting for a non-perfume!

3. Moisturiser - massage one or two drops over your face/body to get a make do moisturiser

Its easily absorbed into the skin, leaving our skin silky soft and smooth, with a light sheen and a tinge of fragrance. Those uncomfortable with applying the oil directly onto your skin may choose to mix a few drops into your moisturiser instead!

4. Dewy foundation - mix a drop into your liquid or cream foundation to achieve a dewy and glowy look!

I've experimented with this and it works wonders! Skin looks brightened up immediately and not to forget the benefits that this oil brings too!

5. Highlighter - pat small amount of oil onto your cheekbones and nose bridge with your fingertips!

This gives some shine to those areas, emphasising our facial features real well!

6. Make up remover - one or two drops of this dry oil on a cotton pad and wipe on target areas

This removes waterproof make up really well, to my surprise. Unlike most makeup removers that leave our skin feeling sticky and oily, it leaves our skin feeling dry and soft. Definitely a good choice if you are not intending to wash your face immediately after makeup removal!

There are some other ways that you can use this dry oil but I've yet to try it out!

7. Hair mask - rub a few drops into damp hair and wrap in a warm towel for a few minutes

8. Cuticle oil

9. Bath oil


It's amazing how an innocent bottle of dry oil can have so many uses!

I'd love to bring this bottle along when travelling as I can do without my hair serum, moisturiser, perfume, highlighter and makeup remover this way. Travel smart and light! :)

If you haven't tried this product yet, do grab one bottle to try!

Remember to share with me other any other interesting ways to use this oil, I'll be waiting!


This is a guest post that I have done for Bellabox, you can read the guest post on their magazine here! Really honoured to be able to do a guest post for them!

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  1. I've heard good things about this nuxe aquabella product. Going on my wish list now!