Friday, 5 October 2012

K-palette 1 day lash perm mascara and 1 day tattoo liner review!

I'm super in love with K-palette now! Recently finished using the first eyeliner that I bought from them myself, and I've just tried out their 1 day lash perm mascara which was sponsored!

This is the first time I'm confident enough to say that my eyelashes are visible even without falsies!

Look at my eyes, just their eyeliner and mascara only, no eyeshadow or anything else!

These are their current range of liquid eyeliners, I'm using their regular eyeliner, the left-most one, for my make up in this blog post because I already have it before they sponsored me! It had been my everyday eyeliner for the past few months, I love it because it can draw lines with different thickness with its super versatile soft and flexible brush tip! Also, its smudge-proof and yet easily removed with warm water, what more can you ask from an eyeliner right?

The 1 day lash perm mascara! To be honest, I was never a regular mascara user due to my short natural lashes and the trouble involved in removing mascaras. My natural lashes are super short and straight, about 5-7mm on average. How to even curl my lashes with this type of length right? And the usual lengthening power of mascaras didn't help much too, at most by 2mm and my lashes are still not even 1cm!! However, this 1 day lash perm has made me look at mascaras in a different light all over again! Furthermore, its as easy to remove as the k-palette's eyeliner, the most easily removed mascara that I've ever tried!

Here's the mascara brush! Short bristles on one side and longer bristles on the other! The tip is also good for application on short lashes as well as bottom lashes, the only downside beside that the mascara formula tends to clump a little at the tip. (TIP: wipe the tip with tissue paper to remove excess mascara formula first to prevent clumping!)

Here are my eyes.. One side with two coats of mascara and one side without! I'm sure I don't have to describe the difference. You can see that the lashes on the left are much much thicker and longer for sure. They are actually even longer in real life because they are curled, hence they doesn't look that long in this photo.

My eye in all angles. Can you see how curly and thick and long my lashes are now?!?!?! Even my mini mini bottom lashes can be seen! *tears*

K-palette 1 day tattoo liner: 

I drew loads of eyeliner in the outer corners of my eyes. That area is usually prone to smudging because we don't usually open our eyes to the widest and the top and bottom eyelids will tend to rub against each other. Surprisingly it didn't smudge at all, that's how smudge-proof this eyeliner is! Conclusion, its easy to apply and smudge-proof and easy to remove, the only problem is that you can't cry with it!

K-palette 1 day lash perm: 

This is really the best best best mascara that I've ever used. I'm not paid to do this and I wasn't even obliged to do any product reviews for them at all. This is totally voluntarily and I'm blogging about this mascara because I really feel that it changed my life. Okay, maybe not my life, but my lifelong impression of mascaras! The power to lengthen, thicken and to hold my curls are just beyond description, especially for my obstinately straight and short lashes. I do curl my lashes with an eyelash curler before applying this mascara, and it holds really well; if I were to use other mascaras, my lashes will straighten in no time. Two coats of this mascara and I'm ready to step out of the house. There are so many things I love about this mascara -- an awesome brush for easy application even on short lashes, crazily unbelievable lengthening, thickening and curling power, smudge-proof and it doesn't flake. I do have some complaints about it, that's the tip of the brush always taking up too much mascara formula, and that its kind of difficult to layer the mascara especially from the third layer onwards. Nevertheless, its still my favourite mascara ever and I will continue buying more when mine finishes.

Last random photo with my usual irritating expression haha!

Hope this review is helpful, and go try out the mascara!!

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